So I tried dry shampoo on my natural hair a few days before wash day while protective styling, here are my thoughts on it…!

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Please note: I have only used this dry shampoo while protective styling and would personally not use it while my Afro is out just because I believe it would dry my hair. As emphasised please do not replace water and a proper shampoo and conditioner wash with dry shampoo. Natural hair needs water and a proper wash to cleanse, nourish it. Also, it needs to be moisturized. Health over everything.

The Batiste Dry Shampoo is in the fragrance Blush and is available at Dischem and Takealot.

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FTC: This review video is in partnership with Batiste but all opinions are honest and are my own regarding the product.

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  1. TeteHumba says:

    I’ve never thought dry shampoo works for natural hair. This is interesting! Question, if it does remove the residue when you work it in, what happens to that residue? Does it then sit on the hair or dissolve ? ?

    I may try this when I’m wearing wigs! Thank you for this! And you look beautiful! ?

  2. Mandisa Shozi says:

    Thanks for shedding some light on dry shampoo for natural hair! In my experience it’s great! My afro and braids repond well to it, especially on those days when I’ve gone out to a smokey bar the night before and neeeed to refresh my hair because it’s not wash day yet.

  3. Zewande Organising says:

    Happy New Year, first time I’m hearing about it. It’s interesting and something that one must try out. And you are so beautiful, the hair looks good on you.

  4. Dolian Mlangeni says:

    Happy new year.Was literally searching the whole week if you’ve posted anything.I thank the lord for you .❤❤?

  5. Tendie Tendani says:

    Wow dry shampoo huh?
    Sisi when you do have time please do a tutorial for your two strand twist please please


  6. Ika Khoza says:

    Happy new year to you too Yolz. “Health over everything” Yay love it. Taking better care of my hair in #2019 and your videos have been very helpful.

  7. Asispho Mkosana says:

    Happy new year love . This is so funny because 5hrs ago another SA YouTuber disagreed with the idea of a dry shampoo but it all honest it’s a fix quick for people that don’t have time for a wash day because we all know that takes forever . Yet the dry shampoo also brings up questions like what happens to the dirt ? Does it just stay there and it’s the shampoo another product to the hair ? How save is it to the hair ?especially in a long run ? I think if a person wants to try it out should look it to the product first before using it .

  8. Asispho Mkosana says:

    Oh yes I almost forgot could you please do a review on hair milk. I know it’s like a leave in but would like to see an SA detailed review. Reason being sometimes leave in don’t work for some naturals

  9. Nosipho Mhlanga says:

    I have kept my hair in cornrows for months since I decided to go natural I pretty much wash my hair in the shower, so I wash often, but I could definitely see this working for the lazy days especially when I just want my hair to smell fresh and clean❤❤❤

  10. Mbali Masilela says:

    Is it me or this dry shampoo just became controversial in the beauty community…With some pledges in some of the bloggers

  11. Caroline Phoka says:

    I love your natural look buuutt I Am Super love seeing you in that Wig…

    Yolzz dry shampoo on natural hair ????? I don’t know Hey… But let’s see…


    I actually have the exact same bottle, I initially bought it for my wigs and didn’t like it much . Never thought of trying it on my own hair. Seeing as I still have the product , will try it out. Did it leave your hair looking dull cuz it did that to my wigs?

  13. Tshegofatso Makhudu says:

    Thank You so much for this. I’ve had my protective style for about 4 days & I can feel the itch sooo definitely gonna try this.

  14. Pharane Pilusa says:

    I’ll keep this on mind once my hair has grown. Shaved my head on Dec 8th 2018. Now I’m all for “Health over Everything” as per Yolie Yols

  15. Precious Mogale says:

    Wow you look amazing Yolz?

    Mhmmm I think I should try it.The itching especially on protective style ita my challenge.I will try it

  16. Sinothando Sinaye Moerane says:

    I also think the dry shampoos will work best when you have protective hairstyles or you have braided your hair. You replace your traditional shampoo routine is a def NO NO !!

    Im new in the natural hair vibe ?✨ but I’m curious , what is the importance of spraying your hair with water ?

  17. Zipho Xaba says:

    I feel like it would dry out my hair, I’ve never tried it buy I mean its “dry” shampoo and we all know shampoos dry our hair kakade now imagine putting a dry shampoo ha.a I feel like it’s a recipe for disaster

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