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  1. Nele’s World says:

    Hey sis

    This isn’t only about the give away, I honestly feel like we have the same personalities, I also like me time and when I feel like going out I will not ever time though… ohk you’re true to yourself and I also feel uyazaz ukuth ufunan in life, I feel you’re a bit emotional like unenhliziyo encane!!! But baby gurl I like that you’re a go getter, you’ve got a beautiful smile, you don’t let little talks and negativity ruin your life!!! Yeah umuhle I probably say that all the time!!! And you’re such a calm soul ..

    And I also like the fact that awmile entwen eyodwa, you like trying out other things, you’ve got a qualification in town planning but also active kuma Social media quite smart!!! Love you sisi stay blessed

  2. Palesa Presley says:

    Hi Sino?
    I follow and subscribed to your channel because of your natural yet gorgeous and sophisticated look.
    There’s warmth in your smile and you are charismatic❣️
    I could watch your videos the whole day repeatedly?, the realness and authenticity it’s what I appreciate ??

  3. sduduzo mdanda says:

    Hi Sino…I recently started following your channel and i looooooove it. You have definitely changed my whole perspective on loving my natural hair. I cut my hair over 3 months ago and i have been having trouble with maintaining it, basically i did not know where to even start so ever since I followed you your advice has helped me so much…thumbs up i hope i will one day have such a bomb afro

  4. Phumzile Dlamini says:

    Hi Sino i am still new on YouTube the first time i saw you i just wanted to find out how u kept your hair so beautiful, i have just started growing my afro and watching you has helped alot..

  5. Angie Monyai says:

    I’m so obsessed with with but in a good way. I have been on a natural journey for a year and don’t go to the salon because it’s just too pricey for people with natural hair so I watch all your videos and insta posts for tips and your advice has really helped me and I get to share what I’ve learnt from to others who ask how I keep my hair looking good. Thank you Sino

  6. Lindiwe Dube says:

    I follow you because I saw you at Yolz channel and I thought you are cool . I just like how you talk and I wanted to hear more of you. Mind you I don’t have an afro but I’ve watched all your hair care video’s.

  7. Sibongile Ntuli says:

    Hi Ms Sinovuyo, I love you so much. One you are a great and a wonderful. I mostly love your YouTube videos and your posts on Instagram. You have inspired me take care of my body and hair more… have motivated me to eat healthy and exercise more. Your relationships with other YouTube influencers are amazing. Good Luck on achieving your dreams of having your own product line and having your own hair salon…cant wait i will be your first customer. Wow Sino what a inspiration are you.

  8. Sethu Makwenkwe says:

    Firstly ☝?I love love your nails? …✌?I follow you because your advice is just always on point! Listening to you talk about your hair, giving tips is like listening to a friend who genuinely wants the best for you. You are amazing hun. Can’t wait for those hair products and salon??☺️

  9. Tlou Makgamatha says:

    Hi Sino, I love you because you are relatable and you are yourself. I love your courage as well, that you put your happiness first as far as your previous job is concerned and just threw caution to the wind. That is admirable. Your smile is also infectious and when you do smile you look like you don’t have 1 problem in the world. I also have to add that you are the reason that I went into a random Nigerian salon in Newtown and cut my hair without prior planning. That’s because after watching your videos for a month I knew that after 3 failed attempts at going natural I had finally found someone whose advises on natural hair I could rely on.

  10. mokgadi phukubje says:

    Well?reason why I love you it’s because you’re amazing, gorgeous, incredible and also inspirational…I remember when i started my natural hair journey a year and a half ago i didn’t know anything about natural hair so i searched around and then boom i found you?.You helped me a lot in terms of loving your hair,embracing yourself, being yourself and being self assertive…And for that I love you❤❤

  11. Ayanda Elle Jacobs says:

    Apart from the fact that ungumXhosa. I love you because you are so authentic and you stick to your lane, you also very supportive to your colleagues. I follow you because of your informative videos with regards to natural hair and your interactiveness with us your followers.

  12. Lungelo Snqobile says:

    Mina I followed you insta. for solong and I’ve been watching mahhala wow. Mina ngithanda your BRAINS nje. The way you structur your words apha wiStories on Insta. Wow Woman! I Like when you mad or have an opinion, you just type sense oSkrr like you know your opinion and you voice it out. I just Love that about you. And you the realest shame, I remember after you watched ‘Nappily Ever After’ your opinion made me laughed and reconsider and wow I chopped my hair and started growing afro. I’ll post one day and tag you. I remember when you posted about brands and how you want to be approched I was astinished. AND another thing about you that I Like is your serenity. I’ve never seen you coz Dramanje for the sake of spicing your life up, you are just doing your own thangs babes. If you can go check your posts I Like and comment in allof them. And oh I Love theBikini pic imma steal it

  13. Kelebogile Ngati says:

    I first saw you on Instagram and I honestly just fell in love with you and your authenticity as well as your amazing personality


    Hey Sino, I love everything about you nje the way uNatural ngakhona you don’t over do it you keep it clean from hair to makeup. I also have natural hair and wish my hair can be as healthy as yours but hey I’ll get there cause I do take tips from you?… and I don’t know how this happens but every time a woman fascinates me and I take interest in the way they are whether it’s fashion style or lifestyle they turn out either to be Leo’s or just born in August like me? that’s also scored you points? All in all I love you and what you do keep it up girl?

  15. Jade Keitumetse says:

    Sino,i love the fact that you chat to us as if we literally are your friends. i love your gym routine. And also your skin is so amazing and pure. You hardly post videos with makeup on,you just natural and you comfortable with it. i love you so much

  16. Inno Mcoyana says:

    You’re so authentic and so in touch with your feelings and your aura. I love it. You’re so woke and so open about your journey. Reminds me of me in my early twenties. And you’ve answered all the personal questions I’ve been wondering about but felt they’re too personal to ask. Thank you for being you and thank you for sharing you with us. Mwaaah

  17. Nontokozo Precious Khoza says:

    I follow you because you’re such an honest aunthentic person, 2. I honestly dig your content it’s fresh and pretty different from others, your hair advice is always on point, 3.everytime I watch your videos I feel like I’m actually hanging out with you! 4. You are a sensei at the natural make up look and I die for that!!!! ♥️

  18. Winny Legodi says:

    I love how open you are about your journey. Of course your crown is one of the main reasons why I subscribed but seeing a more engaging side of you really makes it more worthwhile.

  19. Sindisiwe Ntleki says:

    I follow you because I can totally relate to your natural hair vlogs and I also love your personality, you so yourself(if that makes sense). I can watch your videos for hours. First time I watched your video was the “Post Protective hairstyle ” one. Thanks alot you saved my hair I didn’t even know split ends had to be cut ever since I have seen so much growth in my hair. I love you.

  20. Thuto Mkuchane says:

    Its pretty simple actually it’s weave down for me since I started following you or watching your vids really, still having trouble styling my fro but I definitely wanna try the sleek hairdo you did that was bomb.

  21. Blantinah Qaoka says:

    Hi Sino!!! 🙂
    I follow you because I really like your natural hair. I like following your natural hair journey. I didnt know much about natural hair until I came across your YouTube channel! I have been learning a lot from your hair journey especially since we both have low porosity hair.
    My foundation colour is almond or a little bit darker. Love you Sino. 🙂

  22. Qaqamba Kenqu says:

    Hey Sino
    Firstly I like the fact that you keep it real and that you show us it is possible to juggle work and be an influencer at the same time.
    Secondly, I love your hair ngaske ibengezam! Because of you I too have started my natural hair journey.
    Lastly. Sinobites would sound cute as an intro.

  23. Sphindile Mvuyana says:

    Gosh! people have written essays!! I cannot even compete with this wow?? but anyway, I follow and Love u simply cos u are Smart! Yes you are very beautiful but I enjoy listening to u speak… your hair tutorials, your makeup tutorials, your happy stories on instagram, I mean Sino I feel like I know you personally… Oh and another thing I REALLY love about u is that u RESPOND! phela when ppl become popular they forget to pay attention to us- the ‘ordinaries’ but you mtase, u respond to our DMs, u respond to us on youtube…so nje wena u are the one shame! ???

  24. Nonhle Mkhize says:

    I started stalking your Facebook account because of your hair???,you are very aunthentic and have never tried to be someone you are not.As cliche as it sounds you are a living testimony that beautiful hair and skin starts from inside.I have been following you on insta and your channel and I admire your healthy lifestyle which I believe is the reason behind your flawless skin and flourishing hair❤❤.I also love your natural make up which is easy to replicate for beginners like me.I love the way you dress and I have saved a photo of your umbhaco dress which you wore to your grad and it’s one of my motivation to complete my current degree so that I can wear the same dress to my grad??????I use maybelline and Revlon foundations in caramel?just in case you choose me?My insta handle is nonhlekhizeh

  25. Siyamthanda Dingiswayo says:

    Hey Sino! I follow you on Instagram because I love how you speak your mind, not afraid to point out your opinion and how happy and beautiful you are on your stories and ofcouse how you love popping that Champompo!!!
    You made it a lot easier when I read that you are celibate coz I thought I was losing it when I decided that upon myself.
    I love how you make your smoothies also cz ideas ndizithatha kuwe mntase?
    Enkosi futhi.
    I think ndyapheza apha cz I’ll look like someone who stalks you more than I should even though iyinyani ke.
    Ok. Bye

  26. anele dlamini says:

    at first i was attracted to you because of your hair. then everyday i would look up forward to your stories girl you so real. what i like about you is that you are honest and real to this social media thing.

  27. Nango Siyephu says:

    ?tshini sizintanga Sino.Mna into endiyikuthandela yona,is that you are original and you know how to express your self.your personality and your smile makes you ubonakale umngumntu that is easy to talk to.andithethi nge voice yakho sis it’s bold and imnandi,if I had a voice like yours I would send I voice notes only not text at all.when you post i make sure my ear phones are sitting nice on my ears to listen to your voice??.I already told you how I like when you talk sometimes somewhere in your sentence you’d be like “right”ndiyayifila.I did big chop ngo march I’m natural my hair is growing so quick thank you nge tips mntase,as I am texting this I have the same bun you have.I love you. Sinovuyo ngawe kule channel,you indeed bring happiness.????

  28. Phila Ntozini says:

    Hy Sino.
    I follow you because love you because you’re so engaging with your fans and you and answer questions asked. Not forgetting how REAL you are, you don’t try to be like any YouTubers. Your hair is goals? and lastly you’re so beautiful ❣?

  29. ZENANI SULO says:

    Hey Sino.
    I follow you because of your hair seriously, i am learning a lot from you about natural hair .I’ve been natural for two years.Secondly your intelligence, the way you think, WOW.

  30. Ngcwelekazi Hlumisa Majova says:

    I think a catchy catch ? phrase would be maybe like, Heyy my Afrobabes ? haha. I love and follow you because I am a natural hair enthusiast myself and have been growing an afro for the past two years now and you videos and content has really helped me with managing and styling my hair.

  31. sharon ntsemi says:

    Am inspired by you because you make me believe that it is possible for a woman to be very confident in who and what they are and not be apologetic about it ❤️??

  32. Portia Sithole says:

    Hi Sino, I love this video. I can relate to being unhappy at work ?. I love your personality and how knowledgeable you are when it comes to natural hair. I love your energy…keep inspiring us love you sooo much❤️

  33. koketso mojapelo says:

    Hey Sino.

    I’ll just leave this here. Firstly big ups on not 5000 but 7000 subscribers ??. I love you because of the content that you offer, I’m still on the learning natural hair basics and you have helped a lot. What I absolutely love about you is that you are a straight talker and don’t take nonsense, that for me earned you a whole lot of points so yay ❤️..

  34. Thandolwethu Dhlamini says:

    I recently cut my dreadlocks and grew my natural hair, you were the first natural hair YouTuber I started following. I love your videos and instagram, I want my hair to look like yours. My hair inspiration ?

  35. Khanyisile Zwane says:

    Hey Sino ?

    I love you and I’m subscribed to your channel because you motivated me to stay true to my natural self. I always thought I wasn’t as beautiful with my natural hair as I was with my relax hair, so I would always think about going back to relax hair just to feel beautiful again but never happened after I started following you on instagram. I love how you’re so comfortable with yourself and I’ve also grown to be comfortable and love myself just the way I am ?. Thank you for being an inspiration ?

  36. Nokukhanya Dube says:

    I like you Sino because you are so you and you don’t hide who you are and what you believe in. You always express yourself fully and appropriately. I think that is an amazing quality to possess as a women because you will always strive for things that will make you happy and make you grow. You are inspiring man.It’s good to see a young black woman flourishing in things that she love. I like how you are sincere in the your videos and very opinionated on your twitter posts.

  37. Kanya Jack says:

    Hi Sino

    I started following you because I was starting my natural hair journey, but i cut my hair. Now I still follow you because of how authentic you are. Sisi unguwe awunyanzelisi!! I love how sometimes you just start talking about random things while filming, I just laugh.

  38. Nonkanyiso Majavu says:

    You’re so real and upfront about what you believe in. You’re self-aware and that is one of the things I admire a lot about you?. You live your life according to how you desire to live it… Basically, I love the fact that you’re unapologetically you plus you’re soo well-informed yhuu?.

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