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You know our woes and struggles when it comes to hair salons or finding stylists who will treat our natural hair right. Those skills are far and in between and I am glad we have a few in South Africa and that the numbers continue to grow. 
Meet Isabel, better known as hair and beauty blogger MzansiFro but also known as entrepreneur and go getter of the online store and now salon founder of Noir-Hair-Studio. Yes, she just gets on and does it and brings it for you and for us. She invited me to experience the Noir Hair Studio treatment and I gladly took up the offer. Its winter here in SA and I am determined to take better care of my hair (I have not given it the best of love these last few months, yes yes, it happens). 

I will do another review of the salon as I was too engrossed in laughing and talking and amazed at my no pain braiding experience that I did not get to do a proper interview with Isabel. This is more of an intro. 

First things first, after being warmly welcomed and seated and settled, a hair assessment was carried out. Isabel is trained and qualified in hair care by the way and opening the studio is the icing on the cake for all of her hair care knowledge. I didn’t feel as apprehensive as I would any other place I was visiting for the first time because knowing her as a fellow hair enthusiast meant she knew a thing or two about natural hair and I would be in capable hands. I filled out my personal details and details of any known medical conditions on a consultation form and then Isabel took charge together with one of her stylists, David. 
What is the condition of the hair – normal.
What is the condition of the scalp – normal.
What is the porosity of the hair – check – feel – it appears to be normal. 
Is the hair thick, medium or fine – check – feel – it is fine. 
What is the hair type (texture) – a variety of 4A, 3C and 3B
What is the hair elasticity  – fair.
Whats is the density of the hair – medium.
These are some of the questions that were asked and some of the assessment that was carried out on my hair and scalp. I will go ahead and say that a good stylist will carry out such or a similar hair and scalp assessment with you from the onset. 
 Above: After my wash and treatment
Above: Some of the products used on my hair – these are salon only products
Next, Isabel washed and treated my hair – a gentle and hair loving treatment. No tugging or fussing, just gentle detangling and cleansing – I will talk less and ask for a long scalp massage next time (lol). Noir Hair Studio only use premium professional salon quality products. 
Afterwards, David trimmed and shaped my sides for me. I have a tapered cut and my hair has already grown from when it was cut and in order for my new style to look all the more better I decided to have the sides trimmed down further. David did a good job cutting on damp hair.
After this, Lebo took over and worked her magic. Yes, MAGIC. I am tender headed, I grimace and feel the pain of any tight tension or pulling on my hair and scalp. Lebo did non of that, in fact she was so gentle that I couldn’t stop saying how gentle she was. She cornrowed my hair in preparation for some crochet twist extensions. She installed the twists so swiftly and easily and even put the hair in an updo and we were done. The whole process from wash to trim to finished crochet braids took about two and a half hours. 
I was looked after by a whole team and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Noir Hair Studio cater for multi-ethnic hair – ALL hair. They even have pensioners deals on their price list (o: and I will be taking my ouma there. When searching for a stylist that can lovingly do your hair for you, don’t judge or look at them based on skin colour (David is white so what and Karen who initially cut my hair this year is white too and so what). Judge and base your acceptance of their work and skill on how they understand your hair for how it is and what they can do to nurture and maintain or even help it be better. That also means that if a stylist tells you that your hair is in x,y, z state and they have done a proper assessment then hear them and see why they would say that and then find out how they plan to get your hair to how you want it or how it needs to be – your hair goal. Always have an overall hair goal when visiting a hair salon.
Now my style – I chose purple ready made twists (ready made for crochet braiding). Why crochet, it is indeed the safest of all braiding styles in my opinion, it does not put strain on the hair, hair follicle or hair hairline. It is also super quick to do. This style was done on Wednesday, its Sunday and I have not even sprayed anything as yet and have not had any itching whatsoever. I will start spraying tonight just to give the hair and scalp some moisture – will use a mix of aloe juice and leave in conditioner as prescribed by Isabel (o:
Crochet Twists/crochet extensions were purchased from and I only used 2 and three quarters of a packet as only the center part of my head was braided. And I love these crochet extensions, they are so LIGHT and fun.

Thank you Noir Hair Studio team and thank you Isabel for this wonderful introduction to your Hair Studio. I will definitely be back.
AND: If you would like a chance to experience the Noir Hair Studio services, Noir Hair Studio is giving away a Winter Hair Love service which comprises of a wash, treatment and trim (optional blow dry) to ONE lucky person. To enter:
– follow @jemsofanatural and @noirhairsa on Instagram OR JemsOfANaturalThePage and Noir-Hair-Studio on Facebook
–  repost the giveaway pic telling us why we should pick you (you can also comment below this blog post)
– use the hashtag #noirwinterhair
Closing date for entries is Friday 2 June 2017
As always, find a stylist you can trust who will listen to your hair as much as you do!

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