I was lovingly gifted the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner to review for Beauty Bulletin – thank you Beauty Bulletin. (find my Beauty Bulletin Version of this review HERE, please view and comment)

I took on the trial even though it is just the ends of my hair that are brunette and apart from being interested in the range, I also wanted to show that hair care products do not know your race but are texture or ‘hair need’ specific and we need to stop bypassing the so called white people or black people hair care aisles and notice what our own individual hair requirements or hair needs or hair wants are and then find the solution regardless of the aisle.
(okay I’ve said my tiny vent on that point (o:)
 Above: The shampoo and hair with shampoo – not a lot of suds but cleanses without stripping

  Above: The conditioner and hair with conditioner 
If you have colour treated hair you need to ensure you are using colour friendly hair care products. John Frieda as well as many hair care brand do have a range specifically for colour treated hair (as well as natural hair with colour specific needs). The Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner have been formulated to enhance the glow of the hair and boost lightness. (not lightness as in make your hair turn from brown to blonde but lightness as in help give a subtle glow). How do they do this – they are formulated as colour depositing, ammonia and peroxide free products.
  Above: Before ever using the Visibly Brighter range
  Above: After the first time using the range
  Above: Third time using the products – The hair in prepoo state just before washing (prepoo was not kept in long)
  Above: The hair cleansed and conditioned before applying any styling products
I received the products about 10 days ago – I used both the shampoo and conditioner the same day that I had received them as I was due to wash my hair and then mid way I used just the conditioner as a co-wash and then I used both the shampoo and conditioner one more time on the due date of the review (the pressure lol) but on the 3rd use I made sure to pre-poo with a blend of oils and a detangling spray before using the shampoo. (I detangle before I wash so that the product spread easily and reaches the scalp and for more defined curls). The first time I used the products I noticed a slight dryness (ignoring all other factors that might have contributed to this such as not having done a treatment for a while etc etc) and because the shampoo does have sulfates I felt that for my texture (very curly with some kinks and coils) I did need to pre-poo.
At all times of using the products my hair felt:
  • soft
  • smelt GREAT
  • only a little dry the first time but moisturised and clean all other times
  • did not feel stripped or too crisp 
  • the colour looked enriched somewhat
  • the colour did look brighter to a degree and not dull – there was a glow
  • I did notice a warm tinge or brown or glow to the darker naturally black part of the hair just in the front (not all the hair)
  • even after the last rinse and before applying any other oil or styling product, the hair had a shine to it
  • did I mention smells great – a luxurious scent
  • I would not necessarily use weekly for my own hair but would alternate with my other hair care products depending on the look I wanted and because I feel for a richer conditioner now and again and because the shampoo has sulfate in it.
  • did not fade the colour of the hair
  • curls did remain slightly defined as not too frizzed
  • please note that my white hair did not change colour )o:
So following along and answering the guide or questions Beauty Bulletin asked:
> How did it compare to my usual look – the hair colour did seem to glow even after only the 3rd use – perhaps this would increase with more uses.
> Would I recommend these products to others – yes – especially curls, kinks and coils that are colour treated, even highlights or low lights. John Frieda has products for different colour treated hair so one would need to pick the appropriate range as the products do deposit a specific shade of colour. I would also advise them to treat the hair as per usual and just watch out for additional dryness or alternate with more moisture giving products depending on  their texture requirements. John Frieda do have treatments in the same Visibly Brighter range. I personally would not use the shampoo weekly unless I was using heavy oils and butters to seal in the moisture during the week. Please also note that my hair strands are on the fine side and pick up colour easier than thicker strands – results may differ. (I think this is also why I notice some brown tone to the naturally black part of my hair – not all).
> Would I purchase the shampoo and conditioner – only if my whole head of hair was brunette or if I had more colour then yes I would as they are colour depositing and colour friendly products and would save from having to go for colour treatment at the salon too often
Just a question from me to John Frieda – so would the hair or is the hair meant to lighten more after each wash or does it stop at a certain shade of lightness – and what if you want hair darkened as opposed to lightened? (well I suppose you would pick another hair care range from the same brand – they have a number).
> Do I feel that the shampoo and conditioner are value for money – they are priced at R110 each (as at 9 November 2016) which is the price range of hair care products nowadays – I do however wish that the conditioner was a larger size – don’t we all (o:
Thank you Beauty Bulletin and John Frieda. Oh and yes there is an accompanying Youtube Clip of this Review (the pressure lol)
#MeAndJohnFrieda not just for “caucasian’ hair (o:

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