My first impression upon opening my much anticipated package was that the Kimberly Grace packaging is absolutely gorgeous, it screams luxury. My bathroom shelf is about to look like I’m staying at a hotel.

I open them all to investigate the viscosity and realise that the products smell amazing- more like salon products. I mean, I love smelling like a tropical sunset as much as the next girl, but I also need a change from that now and then.

One thing I was surprised about is that there isn’t a styling cream or lotion, apart from the leave-in conditioner- which I would usually use as a first step in my final styling process. This should be interesting. New products in hand means that wash day gets bumped up to right this very second.

The Growth Shampoo is quite effective and my hair feels wonderfully clean while smelling great. It foams up a bit, obviously not as much as sulfate shampoo, but it lifts any product build-up easily. I love the dispenser as it makes things easier in the shower. I have been washing my hair once a week as normal. My scalp is tending to itch a bit by the time it reaches wash day though.
The Replenishing Growth Conditioner has amazing “slip”, making detangling a breeze. It has a slightly thinner formulation to my usual conditioner but this makes it easier to cover the hair. It soothes the scalp as you massage it in but leaves no oily residue and rinses easily as well.

The Turnaround Conditioning Spray has a great nozzle which distributes the product with little effort. It is a bit watery and absorbs quickly. I follow this up with the Oils of Origin; a delightful blend which smells amazing and absorbs quickly without leaving my hair oily. My curls look shiny and nourished, as well as bouncy.

Applying the Total Root Recovery and Maximum Growth serum has
been fun, a chance to treat my scalp since we spend so much time treating the hair shaft. I haven’t seen any real difference in growth as yet – I will share my results at the end if the trial- but I’m sure that all this massaging is stimulating to my roots and making them happy. Although my hair is completely natural, I still used the Transitions treatment as my deep conditioner a couple of times. It left my hair highly moisturised.

After two weeks, I’ve noticed a change in my hair. It is extremely soft and seems light. I am a little worried that that may be because my strand seems a bit thinner than it usually is, but it may be due to my hair needing to get used to the new products.

I have realised that I definitely need a styling cream or lotion. My hair starts off soft and bouncy in the morning and steadily becomes reminiscent of the Supremes- minus the sequins and glorious back up vocals. A simple touch up with a little bit of my tried and tested shea butter/coconut oil whip is the helping hand, to be there on the double, as fast as it can.


Nyaki Tshabangu

An aspiring visionary with an ornate love of natural hair plants, hand luggage traveling, and podcasts

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