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  1. Xolani Mbense says:

    Still the content I signed up for. But please tell us the names of the products and where to get them? Like for instance what oils do you use?

  2. Thandi80 Mtungwa says:

    I was amazed that the video disappeared, so happy that now I am able to view it. I will definitely try this routine. ????

  3. Lulu 'Fierce says:

    Sino your hair quality is insane..yhuuum.when you stretch it I go bonkers have great hair hands down. ?????????????

  4. Zina Ngoni says:


    What is the difference between leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner? And can I use the deep as normal conditioner?

    I hope that makes sense.

  5. Imm Durban says:

    I’m so happy you did this video because I’ve been wondering why you always say water water :).. whats that song at the background?

  6. Mother Products says:

    It took me forever to understand that water is life for natural hair. Thanks ?? to you Sinovuyo. Your videos are so informative and easy to understand. Keep it up.

  7. Darums Elsy says:

    I have been rocking braids for 5 weeks now, and i still have 3 weeks to go but watching these type of videos makes me want to take them out as in yesterday ??

  8. Sthabile Dlamini says:

    Sino you’re an influencer babes.. did I not start doing what you guys were doing in the video just now..!! I’m influenced..

  9. Fikiswa Gogela says:

    Hi Sino im loving this hair regimen.. Is it do able for someone like me that works outside in the sun for 12 hours.. (m worried)

  10. Zinomtha Gqweta says:

    This video truly helped because I think I was doing the right things but in the wrong way. I was washing my hair with shampoo every week and I think that strips my hair a lot. I’ve been complaining about dry scalp and I can see you don’t do that thing of basing the entire scalp with oil, you let the sebum do that. I am unfamiliar with co washing, so I’ll start doing that so that my scalps stops becoming this dry. Also my hair becomes really dry, and I’m think maybe it’s because I do the LCO method every second/3rd day, and the day that I haven’t done it, my hair is super dry but oily? I also didn’t water my hair like you do without putting oils and creams after

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