Do we know the women (men, I know you are there but I just want to focus on women for a while, ta) behind the various local hair care tools and accessories and products and all things hair that we all purchase or want to purchase? I belief knowing who is behind what you buy helps build up the relationship a little more. It helps build up the loyalty one would have with that brand especially if expectations are met or better yet when a brand has surpassed ones expectation. Its helps us support and uplift those in our community who are supporting and uplifting us by what they supply to us or rather the solutions that they provide and them meeting our needs.

So, with that said you may or may not have heard of Lavish Atelier. I first met the brand before meeting who was behind the brand at a Hair event in Cape Town (My HairStory), saw them again at Nakiso Curl Fest and a few more other events and then eventually sat down with Charmaine Nyikadzino who is the Founder/CEO of Lavish Atelier to just chat and talk about her and about what she is doing with her brand. 

When you pick up anything from Lavish Atelier, the first thing you will notice is the superb craftsmanship and finishing, like everything is perfect. The stitching is perfect, labels are perfect, packaging is perfect, everything clear and easy to read and you get a sense that what you are holding in your hand is indeed lavish (defined as ‘sumptuously rich, elaborate, or luxurious’). We deserve the best and the best is what Charmaine strives to offer. Charmaine used to make every single product by hand by herself until volumes would not lot allow her to do so any more. She however still gets in there and makes a few when needed and this already tells you about her high level of attention to detail. You will notice that she is also the face behind the brand and very much involved with all aspects of the brand. Charmaine is a single mom living in Joburg with her gorgeous almost 3 year old daughter. I totally respect single mom entrepreneurs – like talk about hustling – running a business and running a home and running oneself, it is not easy. She started the brand in 2016 after working in the corporate space for a number of years. She saw the need for high quality, stylish yet practical products that centered around what us women often times hold most dear – our crowns – our hair. With all the challenges that come with running ones own business, it is often times very difficult to leave a 9 to 5 job for it, especially as a single mom. To this Charmaine responded that apart from meeting the need and empowering other women (and children), ‘this business is an enabler of the mom that she wants to be’ (need I say more).

I was lovingly gifted a Sleek Do.Rag Deluxe to review and will also incorporate my unbiased feedback in this review. When I met up with Charmaine, I had this ‘Do.Rag’ in hand and asked why, why this particular product? She responded that she wants to empower people that care about their hair and well-being without sacrificing self. (You can tell straight away the passion she has for what she makes and what she is about). ‘Imagine taking your satin lined beanie to the gym and still looking stylish’. ‘You can even colour co-ordinate your hair accessory or rather fashion accessory with your clothes or style’. When you see all the attractive colour options you have to choose from, you understand why. In addition, you can sleep in a beanie or do.rag as well leave your house with it on. I concur that this is a really nice selling point for the products as I have had and have seen some sleep wear that I would never ever be seen in public with, like ever. lol. 
We went on to discuss the benefits of using the Sleek Do.Rag and other products. The Lavish Atelier site and product packaging lists all the reason why you should own a Sleek Do.Rag or any of the other accessories. The accessories are for ALL hair and can help maintain hair extensions so are great for any protective style. The Sleek Do.Rag is made from stretch satin and creates the optimum environment for ones hair to grow and flourish. Its helps nurture growth as it helps improves the efficiency of whatever treatment your have used before covering up your hair. (makes sense if you think about it as neither your treatment or your hair will dry out. Your cotton pillowcase will not draw out your treatment from your scalp/hair).
An added bonus is that the satin lined accessories are gentle on sensitive scalps and are even great for cancer patients who have lost or are nurturing their hair. The products are aesthetically pleasing but FUNCTIONAL as well. Lavish Atelier also offer Thai Silk Classic Oxford Style Pillowcases in four different colours. 


I have used my Sleek Do.Rag Deluxe since the day I got it. (I do interchange with my other hair accessories, pillowcases included). I have indeed found it to be versatile and very much functional. I use it under my head wraps. I use it when I sleep (although I tend to use my satin pillowcase more with my short hair). I use it when I have put in a treatment, cover with plastic, then tie on my do.rag and need to complete an errand like a quick visit to the shops. I am not back at gym so I can’t comment in that regard lol. Does it help nurture the hair? YES, put plain and simple, your hair and edges by the way, as it does not tug at your edges, are all protected. You wake up with hair that is still soft since it was protected whilst you sleep. The satin is indeed stretchy so is adaptable and moves with you if that makes sense. Would I buy this product again, YES, in all the colours.
You can purchase Lavish Atelier items from their website – as well as from  their various stockists – just keep checking their list as they continue to expand. You will also find Charmaine and her beloved Lavish Atelier at various hair and beauty events and at Brownsense Market in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Lavish Atelier also have just released some new products such as the T-Shirt Towel Wrap which I can’t wait to get my hands on (yes you can use your old t-shirt but sometimes you just want to have the best and you want to have stylish items like a ready made T-shirt Towel made just for your hair). There are also satin lined Ankara items and satin scrunchies (o: further elevating your style and fashion while protecting and nurturing your hair. See more on their website. Your hair has never been more protected and loved whilst your live and sleep.
As always listen to your hair and treat it lavishly.

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