My Natural Hair is a local brand developed in South Africa and created for the modern African woman and all hair textures. By Africa for Africa and the world. I first met the founder and woman behind the brand, Catherine Williams at the first Cape Town Natural Hair Fest in 2016 and I have also been privileged to attend the JHB Brand Launch a while ago and earlier this month. My Natural Hair was one of the first LOCAL natural hair care brands to make it to Clicks shelves.
As you know I’m not a supporter of hair typing but I do see its place and do understand the many women who continually ask about their hair type or who do not understand that everyone’s curl, kink and coil is DIFFERENT. The My Natural Hair care products tries to not generalize their products offerings and recognises, as well as, tries to address the needs of the various textures in South Africa and in Africa as a whole. The products can also be used on relaxed hair. Catherine saw a need and wanted to address it, she has gone on to share her beliefs in that ‘hair plays an integral role in a woman’s identity and in South Africa that role has been a highly politicized topic of conversation.This is what the modern natural hair movement and My Natural Hair’s views are aligned with – the abolishment of unrealistic standards of beauty and the shift to a more Afrocentric approach and love of who we are, naturally. I am a strong believer in equal representation in media and in the power of digital. And as long as I have a say, My Natural will always maintain a level of integrity in line with this. (extract from the My Natural Hair – Let Your Hair Speak Press Release)
I was lovingly gifted the products at the JHB Brand Launch event last year as well as was sent the new additions to the range.
Lets get on with the review: 
The current My Natural Hair Range is available from their online store and, Beautyontapp Online Store and TakeAlot as well as from Clicks Nationwide and select Checkers (you can find a list of stockists on their website). The range consists of:
All of the products are free from or do not contain:
Mineral Oil

Pricing ranges from R74.99 to R134.99

The shampoo lathers up quite nicely and does not leave the hair brittle or crunchy. I used the conditioner more to do a midweek co-wash and it worked well at leaving my hair soft with a light shine. The conditioner is okay and does have some slip to it whilst helping to soften the hair. The styling products were all okay. I used them whilst testing a twist tool and mainly for my wash n go styles.
The Hair Loved: the balance of softness and strength that I found the products to deliver. The hair is not overly soft and felt strengthened at the same time. The hair loved the combination of the Curl Cream and Leave-in Conditioner when used together as my styling and moisture maintaining products. I used the same combination to refresh and remoisturise the curls when needed. The leave-in conditioner actually has some hold to it so helps define and hold the curls together with the curl cream and even on its own with a little of the strengthening oil. There is some shine. The hair also loved that the styling products played well with other products such as when used with another brands conditioning mist. I did try the hair butter on its own and although it is a little heavier than the cream I still enjoyed using it. I also noticed some thickness to the hair or perhaps is gave the hair the look of being thick (I have fine hair) and totally loved this.
Above: Refreshing the hair on day two or when needed
The Hair Could Do With More of – not much to say here. The products worked well together. I have given up on searching for products that will hold my curls for up to 6 days (there are a few) but JHB is just too dry and you have to refresh and remoisturise the hair either daily or every second day.
The Hair Did Not Like – the scent. Its not an overpowering scent and does not linger at all which is great. I think the shampoo actually smelt the nicest out of all. Some people do not even smell the scent, whilst others love it so please smell it for yourself as scent is a very personal thing and what one likes may not be liked by another. (you should see me with perfumes lol)
Overall: The products working together offer to reduce breakage and I can say that I did indeed see this. I think I gave them the ultimate test having to use them straight after a protective style. So after taking my crochet braids out my hair was in need of super extra love and care with the root area feeling exceptionally dry and some breakage. I made the mistake of not using the mask on day one after washing but rather some days later but I did notice an improvement in the overall health of my hair soon after using the mask – the hair looked and felt much better. The following week I detangled with the mask in my hair and did not see much hair on the comb (only some shed hair which is normal).
Would I used these products again – I most certainly would – especially as I liked the strengthening factor as well as the look of fullness/thickness that I found.
Have you used this local South African hair care brand? What did you think?
Try something new and listen to your hair x
 I love my Fro tshirt and cap by My Natural Hair – this cap is made with the naturalistah in mind – love them
Earrings – Jems of A Natural Accessories

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