Hello loves, here’s a long overdue catch-up and life update! Enjoy!

My Co-wash (Conditioner wash) routine:

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Love you stax!!

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  1. Palesa Ditshego says:

    Everything you said I did too. Prayed, planned and left my old job to push my dreams. It’s not easy, you learn to be self motivated, disciplined and adaptable. You learn more about yourself, making you more confident. I feel in love with myself. Stay prayed up, have laser vision focus, block the noise and always do your best.

    Stay blessed mommy to be?❤??

  2. Dottie Reed says:

    watch nikki and jamie perkins’ videos, they vlog their daily lives and make it somehow interesting without it being interesting if you get me

  3. koketso mojapelo says:

    Firstly you look amazing.
    Secondly thank you for the clarity, words of inspiration and wisdom. You definitely inspire me in such a HUGE way. ?

    ? YOLZ I love you. ?

  4. Bertilda Peras says:

    Argan rain really works!! I love it my hair was up to my shoulder and with using just 2 bottles it is now at my bottom:) I love this product!!! I recommend this to anyone! 🙂

  5. BPM MGWEBA says:

    Hi Yolz ubukhunjulwa ndim sana,I start getting worried when you said you are tired cause with your updates my hair growing crazy Love you?

  6. Gloria Moshingi says:

    Oh Yolz u have become one of my favorite YouTubers and I wish u the best at everything that you will do and especially welcoming the new family addition ????????

  7. Thembi Mogala says:

    OOooo I know for sure…living from pay check to pay check is not life..May we all find the strength to live our lives to the fullest without debt and worrying, being stuck in unfulfilling jobs.

  8. Bonnie Manana says:

    ? miss your video’s lovely seeing you Mommy . And I see you Mommy vlogging ??? it’s automatic uzobona lol. Enjoy the journey

  9. Thobeka jali says:

    I wasn’t gonna comment but you truly inspire me…I love what you said about working towards your dreams daily…I love what you said about planning and praying definately learnt something from that

    Love you Yolz
    Keep doing what you doing I hope to inspire just like you one day

  10. abigail yose says:

    Beautiful video. I really love how you talk with so much passion and truth in your videos. You’re awesome, Yolz! Really!!

  11. Thobeka Ncube says:

    You’re so beautiful sis…you’re doing well. You’ll be a great mom, God bless and protect you and your family :). You have a warm energy about you. Love it.

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