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  1. Nobantu Vilakazi says:

    new Subscriber!I ran into your channel when I clicked on your “Dark n Lovely Au naturelle'” video.I love your channel by the way, and you are too gorgeous! So I thought hai maan this face is actually familiar and I connected the dots when you mentioned(in another one of your videos) that you went to UWC lol. Im a UWC student and I remember you from my orientation in 2013-you did the CPS thing lol. You have one of those unforgettable personalities and faces!Great work girl,I love your channel and Im going through all your uploads right now lol.

  2. Nsindiso Mabaso says:

    Yolanda i know this is old but it just helped me, don’t ever delete this video, no matter how old it is , the information and the advises never get old, thank you SO MUCH!!!!

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