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We would love for you to be a vendor at the My Hairstory Natural Hair Event  

With so many previous successes with the My Hairstory Natural hair events in Cape Town, we wouldn’t be doing the natural hair community in JHB justice if we didn’t respond to many requests to bring them a taste of the fun and empowering sessions!

We are so excited to be planing our first connection in JHB and we would love for you to participate as a vendor. Keeping to the vibe we love, we are hosting an open air market in the name of all things natural aimed at connecting brands to a market of very eager participants. 


The first 300 guests will receive a gift bag made up of samples and information from the vendors, as this is an amazing way to engage new consumers. The vendor fees have been kept as low as possible, to encourage sponsorship in the form of product hampers for competitions, samples for gift bags and/or gifts.

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Nyaki Tshabangu

An aspiring visionary with an ornate love of natural hair plants, hand luggage traveling, and podcasts

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