After growing my relaxed hair to bra-strap length, I decided – NO MORE Relaxers as of June 2015. I transitioned for a year and last week, randomly decided to chop all my relaxed hair off. Here’s an update and a 1st impressions on Earthy SA products. Enjoy!

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  1. Transformations by MissKay says:

    I did the same, just a normal pair of scissors and my relaxed hair was no more ?. And yessss Earty products are the . I use their butter?. I need that mist too. I love this video!

  2. simply refilwe says:

    The hair looks so good on you. We had such total opposite reactions to going natural i literally hated my natural hair for the first 6 months now its my favourite thing .

  3. pricilla Tshabangu says:

    Your hair looks great, i have always chopped my hair and last month i decided to grow it naturally. i have been using earthy products and i love it, the only product that has not worked for me is the conditioner it made my hair very dry.

  4. Idorenyin Hope says:

    Loved the video, rocking the mini fro?

    Please would you check out(+/- subscribe to) my channel. I recently started the youtube journey as well, on natural hair and style. Based in Nelspruit, Mpuma.


  5. Boikhutso says:

    We stopped relaxing around the same time #Snap! I enjoy you videos by the by. Watching a fellow South African makes things a lot more relatable?

  6. Tokko Thomas says:

    Hi Yolz!Tell me, while hair was still transitioning from relaxed to natural what did you use on it? I have very soft hair so I haven’t ‘blow out’ for about 3 months now but you’d swear I just relaxed it yesterday. What can i use to harden it up so that I can go for my ‘big chop’ and just grow it naturally?

  7. Tokologo Mashigoana says:

    ooh my gosssh, im the newest edition to the fam, girl i love u!!! anyway i grew up with natural hair, last year decided to relax, girl worst decision of my life, so i cut my hair just so i can grow my afro back, felt discouraged cos i felt its slow, just this week monday happend to see one of your vids, now iv reconsidered. i just want to thank you for your tips and everything

  8. Kutlwano Pooe says:

    I haven’t relaxed my hair for two years now. I don’t want to cut my hair but I still want thick natural hair lol. Your hair right now looks amazing. I absolutely love your channel. I discovered your channel literally a week ago. And I’m loving it

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