These last few months have been further enriched with the attendance of various hair events and product launches across Southern Africa and I must say – I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me start this coming series of posts by sharing what went on at these various events. The love for all things hair GROWS.

 Pay a visit to the ERF81 Market – Tsiya Nyabane Tamboerskloof – you will come across some great natural hair care products, food, flowers and more. Great day out. 

Saturday 30 July (I was going to start with the most recent but decided on going back and forth) found me in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I always love my trips to Cape Town. Cape Town has an array of waves, curls, kinks and coils and everything in between. Many women here (and most places in SA and the world) find it difficult to find any support in embracing their hair, there is still a strong perception that straight is more beautiful and this is a perception has long and deep roots especially in the older folk who lived being bombarded by it themselves. The various mixes in culture and heritage and race do not make it easier either. I visited a couple of salons whilst there and there was not one client having her curls just washed and conditioned but those curls were being yanked and pulled with heat and straightened out to perfection. BUT, when one or two of those clients were approached and told that there were good products to help nurture their curls and the curls of their daughters and they were even shown a product or two , they smiled and you could see the excitement and interest in their eyes. The women of today who see themselves as beautiful regardless of the state of their hair are indeed rising and its platforms like My Hairstory which give them the support they need and also allows them to see that they are not on their own, they have sisters in hair who have hair stories just like them and who are changing those stories to ones about embracing self and fully embracing their kinks, coils and curls – no matter what.

The Perfect Hair (a proudly African hair care brand) were invited to participate and exhibit at the My Hairstory event (exhibitor fees involved) and they invited me along as part of the team. The Perfect Hair has a Cape Town based distributor, Lynn Mfenyana who was also in attendance – (The Perfect Hair Cape Town based distributor – Lynn Mfenyana, email or 083 542 6134)

My Hairstory was just about that YOUR HAIRSTORY and also allowed LOCAL brands to show that they exist and that they are here to help support and nuture new hairstories.
The local brands that were in attendance included:

Afro Pride by African Hair Kingdom – stocking a variety of hair care soon to be launched.
Akan Organics – stocking Shea butter blend, African Black Soap shampoo and more.
Lavish Atelier – stocking silk lined beanies and headwraps, JBCO, Ecostyler gel and more.
Rockin Naturals – stocking Shea Butter, Shea Butter blend, African Black Soap Shampoo, Hair Mist, Oil treatment and more. (sorry I didn’t get to meet Kasuba)
The Perfect Hair – stocking co-wash, deep conditioner, style and define creams and more.

Each brand had a chance to share their story, how they came about and that they were here to stay. There was some music and poetry and I think what made the event all the more exciting and unique was a room in the back set up with a video camera (the media room) where all attendees had a chance to record and share their HAIR story. What is an event without food and drinks and overall love and laughter. Everyone just free to be themselves and rock just the way they are.


Thank you My Hairstory and the beautiful queens of Cape Town – as always – Listen To YOUR Hair.

More pics can be found here>>>

(Next Cape Town based event – The Cape Town Curl Fest)

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