My Hairstory was born out of a drive to learn and understand natural hair. It is a platform created to connect and provide an opportunity to share stories with like-minded people and get advice on how to take care and learn to love your natural hair.

11 May 2019, 27 Boxes, Melville, Johannesburg


My Hairstory is a natural hair event which aims to connect individuals with natural hair service providers. Based on our previous successful event, where natural hair service providers showcased their products and gave tips on how to take care of natural hair has been the motivation to host another successful event.

This year we will be exploring “How do we make our school inclusive spaces for the African child”  

Hair policing have become a very hot topic especially within our schools and often times workplaces. My Hairstory will seek to unpack this topic by means of engaged conversation at the event. We have purposely attracted experts that would guide the conversation on what your rights are when faced in a situation where you are discriminated against based on your hair and colour.

These incidents of discrimination often leave us feeling angry and discontent with the way things are. But in that helplessness, we often make a lot of noise and yet nothing happens. We hope the conversation will touch on what action should be taken if the situation arises.

Article: Gauteng high school embroiled in natural hair scandal

Keeping in tune with sharing of experiences, we have created a program that will allow our exhibitors to engage with different people representing different aspects of hair. We want to chat to industry specialists not only on hair in its physical form but also how our hair is a representation of us at home, in the workplace and ultimately in our worlds.


  • This event offers guests a face-to-face experience with your community.
  • Meet, share, connect and collaborate with other brands.
  • An opportunity to market and expand market targets.
  • Meet stylist, influential bloggers and vloggers.
  • And mass media exposure promoting your brand to over 200000 social media following.

My Hairstory Exhibitor’s package for the sum of R 1000, will include the following:

  • 2 Access pass for 2 exhibitors to the event
  • 2 Complimentary tickets for Exhibitor’s Guests/ Competition winners
  • A Table, 2 chairs and table cloth
  • Advertisement space on the invite, poster, social media (Instagram & Facebook) and coverage on products.
  • Covered Parking

As per tradition, each guest will be receiving a gift from us, and if you choose to participate, from your business also.

If you would like to participate, please indicate the number and kind of product (samples) you are able to contribute. This is a really great way to market your product and will continue to market for you long after the event. 

Should you want to be considered as an applicant; please complete the Registration.

Lindiwe van Staden

065 951 6713


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