Hey Hunies! Leave-in conditioners are an essential part of any healthy hair journey. Let me know if this video was helpful in the comment box below! MWAH!

1. Aunt Jackie’s Curl lala Curling Custard – R59.95 (@CLICKS)
2. Elasta QP Mango Butter Leave-in – R80 (@ Africa Cash & Carry – Joburg).
3. Ultimate Organic Therapy Olive Oil Leave-in – R39.95 (@CLICKS)
4. Ultimate Organic Therapy Hair Mayonaise Leave-in – R39.95 (@CLICKS)
5. Lo’real Elvive Re-Nutrition Conditioner(400ml) – R69.95 (@CLICKS)

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Thanks so much for watching! I Love you guys :-*

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  1. Idorenyin Hope says:

    I love the ultimate organic therapy leave in conditioner. I bought the leave in mayo almost 2 years ago but I still haven’t opened it?.
    Also, can’t believe you know Africa cash and carry? everyone always looks at me like I’m making up the store when I mention the place. I love the place, esp the hair aisles

  2. lillian ndlovu says:

    i have used the ultimate leave in before my hair is very dry i didnt work 4 me ….mybe i didnt use it correctly
    only after wash or use it daily

  3. Lumka Jwara says:

    glad I watchd this. I am thinkn of changing my current products and I was gna try the Aunt Jackie’s. Now I dnt knw because everyone says same thing about the products not last and needing to use alot of product

  4. Talitha Cumi says:

    thanks Yolo, very informative video. Have you tried using perfect hair range products, they have the kinky type hair range, tried their styling product. its AMAZING, though on the pricier side though…

  5. unathi jonashe says:

    Hey love…had to browse through your channel..I’m transitioning from Relax to natural, so I needed to see this..I wish there was a double thumbs option πŸ™‚

  6. Reabetswe Matuna says:

    I don’t buy products for Clicks, there is a hair shop at the Boulders in Midrand that sells all the same products for much cheaper.

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