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  1. Nonkanyiso Majavu says:

    This is actually the first time I watched your videos and it got me asking, “What Have I been doing with my life?”?I love love love the fact that you were brutally honest about your hair journey and you just didn’t highlight the positive but the negative as well.I also transitioned a few months ago and I must say, it’s been quite difficult learning what’s for my hair and what’s not so I will definitely be using the pointers you gave?. Thank you sooo much for the video Sino. I cannot wait for the next one?

  2. Asiphe Nyoto says:

    Yho! Sino I loved the video, I will always come back to it. Everything I needed to hear in one video. Thank you boo❤

  3. Ncooley Mamabolo says:

    thank you so much for this video.. really encouraging.. I have now been natural for 1year going on 5months I feel like I have sort started a building a solid relationship with my hair. however I have an issue with itchy scalp.. its not dry but its itchy so still trying to figure that out..

  4. Yolanda Ngumbela says:

    Thiza, awuxoki xa usithi iduru mntase.. You have spoken a whole lot of truth. I’m new in this natural hair journey and i’m loving every minute. I transitioned ( the proper way, lol) and its gonna be a year in August with my natural hair meaning i’m going into my 1st winter * cries* i’ve been on YouTube to research and i’ve asked people who have long natural hair about their journeys and i’m learning. Thank you for all this info i’m excited about my hair.. I’ve recently discovered that i have low porosity so i’m changing my whole routine coz it involved alot of heavy oils. Thanks nono for sharing im here for all of it..

  5. Agnes Nyatito says:

    I really loved this video…self love, self care, growth. I have been natural 4years but this video has really inspired me

  6. Singlebee says:

    Hej girl, I thought I was the only one having a problem with protective styles like weave and braids drying out my air and stopping the growth by drying and cutting the ends no matter how much I moisturise , treating and take care of the ends but those proctective styles are bad for my ends and for the rest of my hair :(. They say it depends what you do while you have a protective style but i tried moisture, created wash and moiturise routines under protective style just for the sake of my hair but it did not work!!!!!!
    My hair grows faster without weave or braids. Wigs are totaly brushing out my edges, no matter what I try, even edge controller cant help when lm using wig. Right now lm wearing my hair as it is . lm staying in Sweden so its summer now, its easier. I dnt know what l will do in winter, maybe I will anyway use weave to protect it from cold dry air like l did last winter but hair were dry and not growing. Now it s winter in S.A I guese. I hope you will uppdate later how you deal with South African winter. Thanx for this video. So exciting to listen to someone with same views <3

  7. Andile R says:

    I have naturally thin hair so even if my hair gets longer it doesn’t look good… I keep it super super short… But maybe it doesn’t look good because I’m doing something wrong, I’ll try the Native Child products.. What I do now is just spritz my hair with water every morning and then put in a mixture of castor oil and grapeseed oil, my hair grows but it doesn’t look good (please send help)… I have a scalp condition so I wash with a strong shampoo i selsun 2.5% at least 2 times a week or as needed (it’s self diagnosed but I’ve done research into it and you know when something is definitely not right with your body). The selsun is the only thing that keeps my scalp under control and the Castor oil does wonders too so I have to wash less if I don’t forget to use it in the morning (I forget sometimes when I’m late).

    I’d given up on my hair ever looking normal a few months ago so I was wondering why this video was even in my suggestions.. Maybe it’s a sign that I should focus on my hair again… I loved this video and I *LOVED* you??

  8. Celine Muhoza says:

    Your storytelling game is on point??? classic South African girl. She made it more interesting than it actually is. Phela 40min and I watched the whole thing.

  9. Sinenhlanhla Njapha says:

    Yoh Sino! I have a friend who shares this name nawe and it makes me miss her so much lol! but that besides the point.
    I have really enjoyed listening and watching you light up as you speak about your hair – very inspiring, very encouraging.
    I love how authentic you are, you speak your mind, your truth and you’re not shy to go off on a tangent because you’re merely expressing your thoughts.
    If you can do a video on a DIY protein treatment, some of us are not based in JHB and finding a place like Ruutos is very RARE. I’m so scared to even go to the salon because they basically rip my hair out with a small tooth comb and would love a place like a Ruutos but it doesn’t exist.
    Anyway very informative video, glad I subscribed:)

  10. Tamarra T says:

    Hey loves! I just posted a natural hair journey. The hairdresser cut 5 inches off my hair after I specifically asked for a trim so I spent a year growing my hair from shoulder length to almost waist length. I would appreciate it if you would go to my channel and check it out. If you subscribe I will subscribe back.

  11. Zinhle Leigh Masondo says:

    I’m such a huge fan of you and this video has really encouraged me to take better care of my natural hair. I cut it last year August because it was too damaged so I’m on 9 months now and I’m learning to take care of it and to try budget because as a student its not that affordable. But THANK YOU for this video. Love you and keep shining xx

  12. Siyamthanda G says:

    I usually don’t listen to youtubers who’s videoss go more than 30 minutes talking, but you are on your own lane you kept interested great video now im going to subscribe

  13. singi mashele says:

    Cutting my hair is never an issue, I have short hair now but I keep damaging my hairline by pulling it when I’m stressed or working/studying so my efforts to grow it are always futile because when the hairline is damaged I just cut again 🙁

  14. Tsholohelo Thulo says:

    Girrrrrl, I love you so much! ????? Been quietly following you for a year or two now. Glad you on YouTube now. Please do vlogs here as well. ??

  15. Qenehelo Mahamo says:

    I love when you talk about colour, I passed by a kiosk and they sold natural hair products trying to convince me my hair colour is off and all my life relaxed or not my hair colour has always been a colour 4… and we can’t restrict ourselves for real.
    as for the coils and shrinkage, I stretch my hair by twisting but it always coils back in I don’t know why….

  16. Paballo Molingoane says:

    I love this. Thank you so much… Really a God sent. I want to know what do you think about hair supplements like Hairfinty and the ManeChoice? Are they worth it?

  17. Thaba Ntamo says:

    Brilliant video! I connected with everything you said…even got emotional at the end for some reason. 🙂 Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

  18. siphokazi tyam says:

    oh my word I had the same experience when I cut my relaxed hair, I was so sure I was going to have a mini afro, but to my surprise I left the barber with the shortest hair ever. But that helped a lot its been 3 months and my afro is growing well. Its so dry though so this video came at a right time.

  19. Yololwethu Roto says:

    I’m so happy you made this video! I relate to it so much coz I cut my hair 5months ago and it’s at that awkward point where it’s not an afro but it’s no longer that cute cut. But your videos get me so excited about my natural hair journey because I learning how to better care for my hair and what products to try. Love you Sino!

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