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I have a problem with afro wigs…you know…those real looking fake afros. In fact, they bother me way more than straight weaves. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m a hater, natural hair nazi and that I should let people do whatever it is they want. Now duh, ofcourse I can’t control anybody, but what I have is my opinion and this is a personal blog after all ain’t it. I don’t mean to sound arrogant but damn, I’m passionate about this one. I could leave this alone but no, I have chosen that out of all the fucks I’m going to give this year, this one is worth giving.

The explanation ensues;

I understand protective styling. Totally get it. However, I find that the subliminal message sent across by these wigs is not one for protective styling but more so “Your afro will never get this big, thick and beautiful, so here, buy it!”. Frankly makes my skin crawl after all the work and inspiration I try to give on a daily basis. Besides that, I feel that these wigs are creating short cuts in a black society that is already highly stricken by (dare I say some degree of laziness), short cuts and lack of self-love. You could argue that well, because it’s an afro wig, it’s still promoting self-love and acceptance of our own. But no, think deeper, self-love is loving what IT IS you are provided with, working hard at learning more about it, maintaining it and accepting whatever damn state it ends up in, cos it’s YOUR HAIR and it’s damn beautiful no matter what anyone says.

The times we are in people, especially in South Africa, cannot afford the consequences of these wigs. The natural hair movement has JUST started to pick up, and as soon as it does, as soon as people begin to learn about their hair and show it to the world, NOPE, “here’s a damn wig that’s going to meet all your hair aspirations”. Just braid up your fucked up hair underneath and yeah take care of it every now and then. You don’t have to do everything you’re supposed to do to it cos once again…we HAVE THE PERFECT FIX for your not good stubborn ass hair! By the way, the brands that are popping up are black-owned – nah, not a compliment.

You may say no, but this is just for aesthetic reasons…mmm I mean I get that to a smaaaaall extent, but aesthetics are not nearly worth the damage that will be done long-term. Guys, our perspectives of beauty have been taken away from us by white supremacy, the media and all that jazz for fucking years, and the minute we start to do something right we slip sooo damn fast. I bet they’re laughing, looking at us  like “HA! thought they actually started to love themselves, but they don’t believe in their genes so much and can’t stand their hair so much, that they even have to wear fake afros, we’re still good mates!”

See, afro wigs to me are for quitters. If you’re a ride or die, then no matter your TWA stage, no matter whether it’s thin right now, bit of a hairline struggle, you will stick it out homie. My afro wasn’t as healthy as you see it now 10 years ago. I used to blow dry it so damn much it was breaking everyday. HI-LARIOUS. I had no clue what I was doing for a good couple of years. It took time, acceptance and some serious freakin self-love to get where I am today. So don’t even go to the well “your genes are different…” BS. Don’t. It was once a hot mess too.

Today, I walk the streets and people ask me where I bought my puff and they literally hunt for the clip-in when I tell them it’s mine. This together with all the promotion of these natural hair wigs I’m seeing on Facebook & Instagram has led me to this post. Oh, and to all the sisters who get that brutal “Is that your real hair?” question. Thank these wigs. Anyway, all this to say, stick it out beautiful, don’t pick up the wig because you will never really strive for yours to be like that if you start wearing that thing. Yours will get there. I promise. It may not be tomorrow, but it will.

P.S. Ofcourse some of you will disagree, and as always, DO YOU BOO!! If you’re offended, it may be because you can’t handle the truth 😐 Sorry, not sorry 🙄😀

Buuuuut I’m telling ya’ll, for the masses who don’t think ‘further’, this is & will negatively affect the movement. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below 😉

Post publish EDIT: This post received an overwhelming number of agreements and acknowledgement on the interwebs – I did not expect this one bit. My faith in human kind has been restored. It’s amazing to see how so many of us needed to express this. To the pissed people still justifying and making excuses (or maybe simply not understanding) – I hope to write you another post to explain the negative impact of this in detail. May the universe give me the energy to do so lol 😀

Peace & Nappy Love

YOUR Girl,


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