Hello Hunies! Here’s my realistic morning hair routine!

I did a Bentonite Clay mask treatment the night before, followed by my Co-wash routine – which includes applying my leave-in conditioner, oil and moisturizing cream.

My Co-wash (Conditioner wash) routine:

I certainly hope you enjoyed this video and I totally missed you sooo so much! Yoh!

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Love you stax!!

Tech Stuff:
Camera: Canon 1200D
Lens: 18 – 55mm Lens
Lighting: Natural Light
Editing software: iMovie

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  1. Andile R says:

    I’m glad you use normal castor oil…. People think you have to use the expensive one but I’m not about to pay R100+ for packaging and colour… I love your videos

  2. Masego Modisane says:

    Awesome vid – from someone who is thinking of transitioning(no pressure 🙂 ) this is a cool informative video. I wanted to ask if you add anything to your spritz, but i’ll watch the video(seeing it on my screen). Also, I think bigger twists(less than 10 :/ i was lazy,lol) will take less time, well atleast that’s what i did when I still had an afro. That’s for someone who doesn’t care about the level of shrinkage. Your skin is so lovely hun…

  3. Mandlakazi Qwabe says:

    Side note: You are soooo adorable.
    Now, on to more serious stuff: Do you use anything to ensure that awubinayo injibs?

  4. Hey Gabster says:

    Ohhh you had me at bare face for work, i don’t know where people find the time to do a full face every day for work. Loved the video:)

  5. Odireleng Mosuwe says:

    Hey, how do you prevent your edges from thinning out? Because I push back my edges and they look like they are thinning out. I don’t use a comb either??

  6. Foxy lady says:

    Eish now im regretting not going through you videos yesterday when I washing my hair, I combed after undoing my protective hairstyle and there was too much hair that came out?

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