Forced to remove their crowns and bow down to Western ways and Eurocentric Standards. Here are my thoughts of this whole saga! ***Please Share this video on your social platforms***

This video is simply my response to those teachers who are mocking, disrespecting and discriminating against black school girls. This is in no way a ‘hate speech’ spoken word. I hope that the open minded will hear me and that those teachers will change their ways.

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  1. Nthabie Abie Tabz says:

    Eish Yolz, almost unbelievable that this is happening, like what!!!??? and in SOUTH AFRICA, wow!! I’m still in disbelief hence I’m lost for words. Beautifully said. ??

  2. BohoChic says:

    It is such school norms that make us hate our hair + traits from a young age.
    what an important video+ conversation and very well said! totally sharing with my friends.

  3. hopscotch30 says:

    Nobody would have a problem with that! Do they really want relaxant to be used? Then I’m on your side. But, if they want HUGE Afros, no, not right.

  4. hopscotch30 says:

    How sure are you that it is hair like yours that is the problem. I cannot believe it. I think you have it wrong and are chasing windmills.

  5. Kerryn Michelle says:

    It shocks me that after so many years, our country has people who don’t accept other races. Everyone has a right to be beautiful WITHOUT straightening their hair.

  6. Miss Cherry says:

    “so honey relax yourself…”
    you are amazing ❤??✊
    gosh I really enjoyed this video it gave me goosebumps… so much said in less than 5 minutes.

  7. Joy Wanakwanyi says:

    Wait…I haven’t heard any white person complain. To be honest…no white has ever told me they don’t like my natural hair. I used to have natural hair 3 years ago and it was shoulder length. I was mostly discriminated by blacks not white. I can’t recall any white saying my hair was bad. Even in some salons, some women would refuse to work on my hair. And for goodness sake…these are white people. They have straight hair. The barbie dolls had straight hair. This is a new movement and I’m not against it. I would think its normal for a white person to be a bit shocked to see something different. I personally think we as blacks have a some sense of insecurity. But plz don’t start a war that never existed. I understand some South Africans don’t like foreigners. I just pray for peace. I would not like apartheid to happen again since Nelson Mandela is dead???

  8. Speak Easy Sessions says:

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