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  1. justtosan1582 says:

    Wow…you are soooooo creative. I love the way you smile when you say bra strap. Thank you so much for sharing..muwah! Oh i am totally doing this soon as my hair is long enough

  2. Anita Guessou says:

    Bra strap ..hmmmmm…never thought about that and I have so many un matched straps lying around. Thanks for the tips and beautiful hair style!!

  3. GoldenNapptural says:

    I love that style. It can be an elegant updo for a special event or date night. Especially if you add a nice jewel headband.Thanks for the idea. You look beautiful.

  4. Afrothentic Fisher says:

    This is my favorite new style! If you wear this for a few days in a row it stretches the hair and I eventually wore it like a high bun, which I really like for work. Thank you for the great video!

  5. Johnisia Wilson says:

     okay so I skipped… i love this sooo much. Gotta visit the beauty store. okay back to 29! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Tsungy Kim says:

    +Aisha M. Finally found that satin scarf at Clicks Westgate Mall… they have loads of satin goodies there. Love your video.

  7. ஐCrossing.the.Cosmos ஐ says:

    Just did looks so regal ..there’s no straighting no nothing..its not time consuming..its quick and the results are great 🙂 love it..gonna be doing this for a while.

  8. JoniB says:

    Why do black girls feel the need to lay edges. You don’t have baby hair. If you did you wouldn’t have to artificially lay them down. Looks so silly.

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