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  1. Thuli Malaka says:

    @Ash w – I think you’re being harsh. Some of us are new at styling our natural hair and there aren’t many videos I’ve watched that explain things enough because they all fast forward etc. so I feel lost. So I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s ‘tedious’ cos she’s showing us clearly how it’s done. You can always skip ahead if you find it tedious. Having sad that, THANK YOU AISHA for taking the time to help us style challenged ladies! I’m loving what your doing for us!! xx

  2. Ms. Angela D. Lewis says:

    Y’all really need to be honest…..Like me this was the worst hair do I have ever seen on here…IJS and keeping it real

  3. PrincessSomto says:

    Someone said to be honest. And while i think they are right, they went too far. This isn’t the worst hairstyle on Youtube. Its kind of a mickey mouse look, that, if done better or made more refined, would be very cute on CERTAIN people. People with smaller round heads and stature, like the girl who is doing it. I can’t personally say i would do this style though.

  4. OMGPrissyGets WLS says:

    Ummm with all due respect, this is a style that should only be worn to the gym or store it needs to be put in a more flattering position ( the bun) I love that u took the time to help ppl tho best wishes

  5. theresia mshana says:

    Hi Aisha…I am new here, absolutely in love with your styles mostly because my hair is exactly like yours! (maybe cuz we are both from Tanzania? lol just wanted to put that in there..) anyway I love love your channel and I haveΒ  a request..if you can redo the ’30 days, 30 updos challenge’ with the better camera…[yes, I used “the”, cuzΒ I have seen the latest videos and it IS a better camera/lighting?],you would be so much helpΒ to all of us natural newbies. Anyway I just wanted to let you know you are an inspiration and I am already a fan… andΒ I have subscribed :-). Asante

  6. LakeciaA MacLak says:

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Geesh…harsh critics with such negative energy! Anywhooooo…thank you for the tutorial. REAL Naturalistas know how difficult it can be to style our hair, ESPECIALLY 4a-5c hair types. I actually love this style! With some neatness, if time permits, would be a great style for ANY occasion. Thank you Queen!

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