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  1. liseg89 says:

    Your 30 day challenge definitely inspired me to try new things with my hair. Have you ever done a regimen or fave products video? I’d love to see what you use! Our hair types are so similar

  2. brown eyed says:

    Can I just say – I love your fashion sense! I know this is supposed to be about hair, but I couldn’t help but notice the outfits in all your videosΒ lol!!! Do you have a vlog/blog about OOTD? or any Get ready with me videos? I would love to see them. Thanks for all you do and more grace to you (((hugs))).

  3. krysp2011 says:

    I love your 30day styles. how are you stretching your hair??? Also how do you keep your hair moisturized through out the week with out it reverting back???

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