If there’s one thing naturals everywhere in the world will agree on, it’s having a routine – and a consistent one at that. Of course when starting out it’s not always easy to figure out what works for you and your hair right off the bat. Without a doubt, it takes a little dabbling in this and that until you stumble on a routine you can stick to that works for you, and boy have I stumbled on some that are a complete no-no for me. If I had a pick of three natural hair routines that were just bleh and in some cases never ended well, these three would definitely be at the top of my list.

I know pre-pooing is a major part of pretty much every natural’s regimen and a must for most if you’re planning on using shampoo with sulphates and/or other harsh chemicals, but this is one routine that I just never caught onto. If I’m completely honest, I’ve probably tried it a handful of times…a handful of times in which I finally decided it’s too tedious of a process to continue with in my regimen. I think of myself as a high-functioning lazy natural – chuckle – and I like to be done with wash day as quickly as I can so I’ll gladly chuck out any unnecessary part of my wash routine in order to shorten my wash day.
Cold water rinsing
Another absolute no-no for me. I remember when I first went natural cold water rinsing was all the rage. I mean, YouTubers, bloggers and hair guides were all suggesting cold water rinsing is best in order to lock moisture in, so because everyone did and said so, I decided to jump on the bandwagon.Biggest. Mistake. Ever. I never realised it then, but as a low porosity girl, what I was really doing was closing the hair’s cuticles and lessening the hair’s ability to let moisture in. No wonder my hair was dry all the time…
No ’Poo method
When it comes to the no ’poo method, I can honestly say that using the likes of baking soda, apple cider vinegar, water only or clay washes on a consistent basis (as in every single wash day) does my hair and scalp no good at all. Using this method will only wreak havoc for me. I do use apple cider vinegar on wash day along with aloe vera juice to detangle – and then rinse out – and I do try to include at least two bentonite clay washes a month, alternating with my shampoo, but my hair just cannot do without shampoo, whether it does or doesn’t contain sulphates.
As with anything to do with natural hair, it’s always interesting to notice that what might work for one person may not work for the next person, even popular methods or routines that are deemed necessary. I admire naturals who can’t do without any of the above-mentioned methods, especially no ’pooing. If only I could get my hair and scalp to bow down in submission because I’m in favour of completely natural methods. But hey, let’s be real, the old adage still runs true…different strokes for different folks. Just do you, boo!


I'm Chisomo, a Communication Science graduate in my mid-twenties who lives on endless cups of tea. I'm also a natural hair enthusiast, a stay-at-home daughter, a sister, a wanderer and lover of all things pretty who loves Jesus on so many levels I can't even explain.

Oh, fro! began as a result of a simple expression used by a girl in love with, you guessed it, her fro. This is just my tiny space where I share about my hair, regimen and all things hair...and a few tidbits of things I love. So find a comfy spot, settle in and I hope you enjoy every bit of this bumpy ride as much as I do!

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