Hello hunies, here are some common natural hair practices that I just don’t do and why!

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  1. moipone april says:

    Am I the only one who comments and likes your vids before watching?? Why?? Because I know I am to get quality content!! Okay let me watch now…you’re look amazing by the way Yolz??

  2. Neo Magnolia says:

    Unpopular opinion: Coconut oil issa scam ??? lol

    But for real though, I need to start deep conditioning my hair and treating it but the prices of these natural hair products thoooooough ???

  3. Daphne Sibinde says:

    So I decided to dye my hair (black). Dye chowed it. ??, any advice??
    If possible please advise on affordable products I can buy for moisture..,*hope im not asking alot*

    Im currently using coconut oil and olive oil. And I wash my hair with tresemme products.
    Feel like coconut oil is not feeling my hair anymore either lol…TIA

  4. nqobile nzimande says:

    My scalp is struggling at the moment. Not sure whether it’s the weather or because of product build up because I try to wash and condition each week then put on my wig during the week. Help my scalp please, tips please

  5. Thato Pootona says:

    I agree with you on most of the points?? I do protective style for a break from styling but I keep away from hurting my edges… nothing worse than a ‘fro with a bad hairline?

  6. Just Kess says:

    “The only thing moving is your hairline” ?
    I don’t spend the whole day washing my hair..I never understood why people do that..1hour 30 minutes is enough to wash, condition and deep condition

  7. Zintle pretty says:

    basing really works for me i have such a dry scalp. i was told by a doctor to use omega 3 and 6 but it makes my face too oily. coconut oil is really a scam!

  8. simply refilwe says:

    I actually was thinking they that I’ve hardly seen you with a protective style. Im in the same WhatsApp group with Lozano I need protective styles or my hair is at a stand still. I was so shocked you don’t pre-poo I cannot live without pre-pooing .

  9. Nosiphiwo Dwatyana says:

    Basing my hair especially with just oil is a no no but i do base with my favorite moisturizer every now and agn esp when i have my hair in a protective style but then ofcoz i dnt mind washing it regularly.

    Coconut oil ngudothi. That thing left me with damdruf nd dry hair

  10. Sebenzile Maseko says:

    I love protective styling but I do my own braids and I’ve perfected the technic. I get that neat look without ripping my hair out. I don’t get why these people need to braid our hair so tight that you get bumps around your hairline and you can’t even sleep. Lol and then all the other things you mentioned I don’t do.

  11. Kutlwelo says:

    I totally agree with most of what you said, I also don’t prepoo, use coconut oil or even base my scalp and my hair thanks me for it.

  12. Sinothando Sinaye Moerane says:

    For me protective styles do work for me , gang gang
    My hair grows at a rapid rate, but one thing that I’m working on in my hair routine is deep conditioning because I don’t do that plus the prices for the products are quite steep for my student budget

  13. Herdivineconversations says:

    “The only thing moving is your hairline” …. I can actually relate ?, coconut oil dries up my hair (and It took time for me to accept this because everyone was so happy about it) , but works very well on my skin …..if possible Yolz can you share with us your best deep conditioners….Thanks ……

  14. Hadara Adornments says:

    Babes I can so relate, I dont use combs, protective style and I have recently discovered coconut oil hates my hair and my skin. This is the end of a two year long journey with coconut oil I thought I wasnt doing it right ???? but girl my hair and skin were like nah FAM. Miss us with that!

  15. Jayne Terera says:

    I don’t use shampoo on my hair. It was waaaay too drying. I cleanse my hair with apple cider vinegar or bentonite clay.

    I don’t use combs, I finger detangle.

    My hair definitely does not like coconut oil either, I use grapeseed oil instead.

    I also don’t protective style. My hair grows just fine without it.

    I don’t base my scalp either. I just massage my scalp with a bit of oil once or twice a week

  16. Koketso Mothoa says:

    Ohhhhh my gosh!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who was suffering from hard and breaking hair while I was using coconut oil BUT my skin looooves it so I’m using it on my skin especially during winter.

    I also stopped prepooing I saw no difference when I do and don’t.

    I do protective styling I have 8 months doing that and my hair has actually grown a lot

    I think to master protective styling u need to master ur daily routing first (my opinion)

    Thanks for the video honey.

  17. Aluta George says:

    Please recommend a good moisturizer that I can use on my daughter’s hair? I normally wash her hair once in 2 weeks because I plait her hair all the time.

  18. Thando Mavuso says:

    I also don’t do a lot of things like I don’t comb my hair I don’t pre-poo. I do however protective style and not for growth but just my versatility styling I don’t do it a lot though I do it like twice a year. One thing that I don’t do that a lot of people do is deep condition. My hair becomes too soft and looses volume but there is one conditioner that I am on trial with and it seems to be working so yeah I think I will stick to it for a bit.

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