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  1. noriri20 says:

    Just cut my hair because I didn’t know what do with it.With your videos I hope I can finally enjoy my natural hair. Loving your blog aswell πŸ™‚ x

  2. MyFroandITV says:

    I hope you will too! Being comfortable with going natural doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time and once you get there, it’s pretty awesome! Thanks for your comment and checking out my blog. I’ll be doing some ‘timeline’ posts very soon that will go through my year and half of being natural month by month, particularly for ladies like you πŸ˜‰

  3. Zipporah Magere Dawson says:

    Awesome! So many revelations! Ok, I’ve got two question… First, my hair is in that in between stage- it’s not long and it’s not short- would this still work on me or should I give it a month or two? Second question, I don’t own a pair of tights as it’s hot here all year round could you suggest something else I could use to tie my hair. If there’s no other option though I’ll gladly buy some tights and go crazy with my scissors πŸ™‚

  4. MyFroandITV says:

    OMG Zee! I’m so bad with my Youtube comments as I don’t get alerts. I knwo this is like a decade later, but yeah :s I’ve heard with some girls they use wool to hold the puff. I did my first successful puff when it was about 14 cm in. Give it a go, if it doesn’t work wait for it to grow a lil. The trick is to push up the tights/wool whatever you’re gonna use up until just before it reaches the length of your hair. Hope that makes sense? Soz for getting back to you so late hon

  5. ayavela says:

    IΒ loved every step. I am so excited because I am doing a research based on Black Hair so it gives me joy to see your blog. I will sure mention you in my thesis. Thanx

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