I have been there…searching beloved google or some other search engine/platform for something hair related but at the same time relatable to me here in South Africa. Searching for South African natural hair events or South African natural hair salons or South African natural hair products…searching and searching and coming up with …very little. 
Enter https://naturalhair.co.za/ – A VIRTUAL PLACE TO CALL HAIR HOME!
The JHB Launch
Above Photos Credit: Chocolate Hair Sisters x
When I first heard about NaturalHair.co,za, I smiled because I had been playing around with a similar idea for the longest while (see my various lists on this here site lol) and hearing someone encaption, envision, put to words and put to action a slightly similar idea was super exciting. I emailed the woman behind it to see where we could marry ideas and got a very warm reception. Nyaki Tshabangu and her super team saw a gap and a need and promptly pursued fulfilling it. We agreed to meet at the 2016 My Hair Story event in Cape Town, had a brief chat covering where Nyaki was coming from and where she wanted to go with the idea and I, fully understanding and fully wanting it to come to fruition was IN! I was in, as in I was open and available to whatever and however I could plug in and assist and I am a Natural Hair Ambassador after all. Today, NaturalHair.co.za continues to grow and develop and evolve and it promises to be the place to be. 
What it is…it is an relatable central place and space…an online platform where you can find what you are looking for as well as be inspired and motivated and empowered at whatever stage of your hair journey. A ‘directory’ of sorts if it explains it a little better. A single source of usable information, a coming together of Ambassadors, Products, Services and Events all to do with Natural Hair and much much more. As mentioned in their mission statement, NaturalHair.co.za is not a hate space or a space biased against weaver wearers for example but a place to nurture you as you are. Nyaki and her team do verify NaturalHair.co.za sources and they are also personable and real. Its not a virtual robot or search engine, these are people who go out and reach out and interview and talk to and engage with all in the Natural Hair space in South Africa. From product suppliers to event organisers to YOU, yes you. NaturalHair.co.za are not just a website, they are engageable on all social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They also host the Coffee, Curls and Conversation events as well as attend various events countrywide to meet you in person, finding out how else they can be of service to you the new natural, you the consumer, you the product supplier, you the product manufacturer, you the natural hair stylist, you the natural hair salon owner, you the natural hair enthusiast, all of you who want a home to find and be found.
 Above: Meeting Nyaki (center) at the My Hair Story event 
  Above: Some of the NH Team at the CT Curl Fest
  Above: Having fun at the JHB NHA Launch
The platform is still growing and still evolving so please keep on checking the website etc. The NaturalHair.co.za team offers all of this for FREE! and for the love of all things natural hair. (most of the team have 9 to 5’s to help subsidize making their dreams reality and one day the platform will indeed generate an income for them or for the furthering of the movement).
If you offer something to the Natural Hair space in South Africa then I urge you to engage and register if appropriate on the https://naturalhair.co.za/ platform via the JOIN THE MOVEMENT link (bottom left hand side of the website)
If you the Naturalista want to be in the know of what and who is available, when and how it is available for your natural hair then I urge you to sign up and STAY CONNECTED on the site https://naturalhair.co.za/ and follow their social media pages.
Come home!
              Above:With Sim from the NH Team who was interviewing Taryn of the Perfect Hair (I just love this pic)
As always Listen to Your Hair and never let your ideas or dreams die…keep keeping on!
Natural Hair Ambassador (defined) –“A natural hair enthusiast that is cultivating a culture of acceptance and self-love through teaching about and/or producing the tools for growing a healthy crown.” (abbrev. NHA)

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