(We thought starting like Adele would ease you into forgiving us for being so silent)

We hope you’re alright. We’ve been grand. In our last post, we learned a huge lesson: the only thing constant in life is change. Today we’ve learned another lesson: Time waits for no one. So many things have been going on and we are just bursting to let you know before they run away with us again. It is slightly ironic that we’re talking about new beginnings at the end of the year but we couldn’t wait until January.

The Phoenix Has Risen

The Rockin Naturals family is growing by the year. We are proud to announce that our beloved colleague Chantal de Kock is now having Sleepless nights because of the newest addition to our Family. Congratulations on your bouncing bundle of Joy and we know that very soon he’ll be whipping up copious amounts of Shea Butter!

Kasuba’s New Journey

12273601_10153821233437148_6083650951023413553_oSo in June (We know, she should be over it by now) Kasuba went to a “reputable” hair salon to get her dyed ends cut off. Instead, she ended up with a Teeny Weeny Afro with less than a year to go to her wedding. It had nothing to do with the stylist being trigger happy but she evidently didn’t know much about heat protectors. In any case, Kasuba has now restarted her journey and she is loving every minute of being able to style her TWA in ways she didn’t know how the first time around. Don’t tell her we told you but we can tell she is now strongly opposed to length checks, haha!

A Fitting Face-lift

Earlier in the year we revealed our exciting new logo. Now we’ve upgraded our website too. We’re really loving the new look and feel but we’re not the important ones here; we’d love to know what you think. Not only that, we’ve improved our product range and introduced a couple of new products. Have you used them yet? Drop us an email at to give us some valued feedback. You can also now use our online shop to place orders; go on, give it a shot.

Rockin Naturals Natural Hair South Africa

2016 and Beyond

For us, 2016 is a year of doing even more big things. We’re looking at rolling out some exciting new products towards the middle of the year and also, making it easier for you to buy your favourite goodies. Rumour has it that our resident mixtress, Kasuba, has a few tricks up her sleeve (this will probably be once she’s done being excited about her wedding in March!). On top of those tricks, she has given up her full-time job in order to attend to all you amazing naturalistas, because we love and your locks that much.

All we can say is it’s been a great year and we’re looking forward to even greater ones.

Keep it Rockin,

The Rockin Naturals Team

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