Happy new year! Can I still say that…? Well, I just did. I’m all about spreading sparkle dust in 2017. If 2016 was crappy for you as it was for the rest of us earthlings, including me, hopefully 2017 will bring you bucketsful of happiness and abundant blessings. I really wish that for you, friends. Now that we bade 2016 goodbye, #Januworry is finally over – hallelujer! – and we’re all settled into the busyness of 2017, it’s time I showed face with the very first blog post of the year. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! Grab a seat and make yourself right at home.

So, first things first, let’s address the elephant in the room…if you have been a regular visitor to Oh,fro! you will have noticed that I gave it a bit of a facelift (by the way, let me know what you think!). This is just a few of the minor changes I’ll be making to the blog as the year goes on.
I started this year by making a PDF ebook catered to natural hair rookies available for download right here on my blog. If you have just gone natural or are contemplating doing so, this ebook is for you and it explains the essentials regarding natural hair maintenance. You can find it on my home page or just click to download. Another little aspect I’ve added to the blog is the submission guidelines for the Frospiration feature which you will find on my contact page. This was done in order to make it more accessible to you. Yes, if being featured on the blog is something you’ve always wanted to do, well, now you know how. Last year I featured 24 amazing naturals from various parts of Africa and abroad and I can only hope that this feature will continue to grow and gain even more exposure this year.
A couple of other things that will be changing about the blog is the frequency of posts. You can expect more regular blog posts, and not just any random blog posts, but posts regarding natural hair, my own hair journey and a few inspirational posts as well. I’ll also be testing and reviewing local hair products and there may be a little surprise or two for you later this year as well so keep an eye out for that. Without prattling on, all I’m trying to say is just stay tuned.
I don’t know about you, but I’m super stoked about this year and I hope you’ll stick with me as we continue to journey along together in this thing called life and, well, hair of course.
Stay froin’, keep glowin’…


I'm Chisomo, a Communication Science graduate in my mid-twenties who lives on endless cups of tea. I'm also a natural hair enthusiast, a stay-at-home daughter, a sister, a wanderer and lover of all things pretty who loves Jesus on so many levels I can't even explain.

Oh, fro! began as a result of a simple expression used by a girl in love with, you guessed it, her fro. This is just my tiny space where I share about my hair, regimen and all things hair...and a few tidbits of things I love. So find a comfy spot, settle in and I hope you enjoy every bit of this bumpy ride as much as I do!

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