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Team Captain Nyaki

Who is Natural Hair Co.

We are a digital community of natural hair enthusiasts that connect the ambassadors, businesses and natural hair community; promoting content that inspires people to think positively about themselves and creating experiences that empower small and local businesses.

We create conversational spaces that connect the movement that is challenging the status quo on the definition of beauty.

We believe that the ideal woman is harmful to the real woman- that accurate representation is the key to developing a positive self image.

Understanding that each person has a story about their identity that is often first experienced through the relationship they have with their hair.

We’re in the business of making natural hair normal.

Our business model is created around harnessing the power of community.

We understand the power and have realised the potential of working collectively by focusing on key role players in the markets: Creative content, Marketing, Supply chain management, Events, Brand Building and Social media.

Trusted By Industry

We’ve  worked with some amazing brands and we look forward to working with more in the future.

We believe in supporting and equipping businesses operating in and servicing the natural hair community. 

We promote and create collective trade by driving a digital marketplace for products and service providers that have been curated with the assistance of Natural Hair Influencers (or Ambassador’s as we call them).

Our e-commerce site is designed to be attractive, secure and easy to use encouraging the culture of online shopping.

Our community events are the perfect opportunity for brands to interact with their customer. We create and promote consumer experiences around brands that drive consumers to not only buy products but also build a community that is informed, encouraged and celebrated.



A solution box to your biggest challenges as a new natural

Find products that will work best for your natural hair goals.

We collaborate with brands to give you the best products at affordable rates with free shipping nationwide.

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