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Darling shares some effective and simple tips on taking down a protective style without damaging your hair – so you can get ready and prepped for a new Spring look!
Your protective style has served you well through the winter season, offering you some extra warmth and protection from the harsh winter month. Now it’s time to change it up and get ready for a new look this Spring.
This Spring hairstyle trends are all about duality. If you’re still wondering what your next hairdo for the upcoming spring festival will be, worry not… Darling has an extraordinary hair colour range for you.
But first, Darling stylists share some tips on the process of taking down your protective hairstyle without damaging your own hair…
Before taking down your braids
  • Spritz the braids with some warm water. Then follow up with your favourite product which will allow your hair to feel slippery so that your braids come off easily
  • Start from the bottom upwards. If your braids are much longer than your natural hair you can cheat by cutting the bottoms, but still leave enough space to where your natural hair ends, keeping in mind your natural hair is now stretched and has probably grown. Simply trim the ends and use a comb to unravel the first few sections of the braid. Apply more detangling spray to your fingertips and slowly unravel the braids.
Once you have unraveled the braids to the root, you will be able to slowly remove the extensions and feel your hair breathe  
After taking down the braids
  • Use a detangle spray on the braids if the hair has developed knots and leave it on the hair for 10 minutes
  • Take your time and use your fingers to split tangled hair
  • Finger comb your hair as much as possible before using a wide tooth comb
  • Comb your hair from the tip to the root
  • Wash the hair using a hydrating shampoo and then condition
  • Invest in a hydrating scalp treatment to nourish the hair and scalp
How long should I wait for my next hair style?
  • Two weeks is a recommended waiting period to ensure that the hair has a good ‘breather, that’s if the scalp did not experience any scalp irritation during the process of taking down your braids
  • Four weeks is recommended if you experienced breakage of the hair during the process of taking down your braids.
  • You can only resume braiding when your hair has fully recovered and is in a healthy state. This can happen only if your hair and scalp are given proper attention by cleansing, conditioning and nourishing it
How long should I wear a protective hairstyle for?
  • Each style has different characteristics. Some styles last longer, while others don’t for example, you can leave Braids and Twists styles in for up to 8 weeks.
  • During this time your own hair and scalp health remains a priority
Now that you are ready and prepped for a new style here are some ideas to make sure you are on trend:
For the fashion forward ladies who love a bit of colour, the Darling One Million Braid Sorbet ombrè range will add some funk into your look and give you that youthful confidence for the perfect, fun day out. This range consists of the following colours: Aqua blue, pink purple, lilac, Soft pink, blue and purple, which are also available in ombrè for the not so colour daring. These extensions can be styled in long twists, box braids or up-dos.
Out with the old, in with the new – now you can look forward to getting a new hairdo knowing your hair is well looked after.
Above: Slay this spring with Darling’s Sorbet Range
Such good tips, especially about the wait time in between protective styles. Darling have been around since 1995 and are passionate about making your hair your crowning glory. You can find more details on all the hair extensions that Darling have to offer here > https://www.facebook.com/DarlingSouthAfrica/
Darling also showcase some more styling options on their website http://darlingafrica.com/za/trendyStyles.html (I am eyeing the Pre-Styled, Crochet and Natural Styles Collection)
Go on and try something new this spring and as always – Listen to Your Hair

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