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What do you get when you fill a room with a whole lot of Naturals and throw in a few cocktails? A curl fest, of course! The brain child of Natural hair blogger, Amanda Cooke, the Cocktails and Curls event on the 16th of April was definitely a hit amongst Cape Town Naturals. The girls filled up the cosy Piano Bar and chatted natural hair, self-love, and products (naturally).

The event was very much a celebration of the exclusive Cape Town Naturally Facebook group where we, the Administrators (Amanda Cooke, Eleanor Barkes, Chantal de Kock, and Kasuba Stuurman) encourage women to embrace their kinks and curls, exchange valuable information on hair care and products, and empower women to be comfortable in their own skin.

Rewarding Gail and Claren Oliver

It was gratifying to see the amount of positive energy and comfort that exuded from the naturals we have grown accustomed to seeing only on social media. With some help from our sponsors, we were able to reward the ladies for their participation in the group. Ladies walked away with goodies from Cotton Care, Design Essentials, Talish Organics, Nubian Nature, Indalo Care, and Rockin Naturals.

Rhadamés Julián – Director of Follicle

However, the highlight of the evening for many of the ladies was a hot piece of eye candy by the name of Rhadamés Julián. It was great to have a man at the event representing the male natural hair community but, on a more serious note, it was a breath of fresh air to have someone speak so passionately about the struggles that naturals (both male and female) go through. The Dominican film director attempts to answer an extremely important question regarding people’s decision to return to their natural texture: Why? Through his documentary, Follicle, Rhadamés will attempt to show the interconnectedness of the [hair] experiences of people of colour around the world.

The MandyEx’s Amanda Cooke (L) Rockin Naturals Brand Ambassador, Kasuba Stuurman (R)

Having some celebratory bubbly on the balcony after the event, we were reminded exactly why we started the Cape Town Naturally Facebook group. We wanted to provide women with a safe place where they could teach and learn from one another without being subjected to stigma. The greatest part is, we were able to bring  that same space to life at the Cocktails and Curls event.

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