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  1. Avile Mbenya says:

    GANG!!????Sino am like you I can’t understand people yhoooo hayi??like I have such rich hair but it’s falling they never get thin but growth incinci ??am really seeing lit times hey! yhooo me I have had afro for yeeeees I cut and grow afro

  2. Chrishalda Mokoele says:

    We need to embrace our hair type & accept that our hair shrinks. I feel If you’re going to stress about shrinkage you might as well be relaxed

  3. Neo Sekano says:

    I’ve been wondering why I have white strands after using a Shea butter and castor oil, kante the two don’t mix. This video is informational ?

  4. Mpho Thivhafuni says:

    I’m one of the people being judged by Sino ?. I twist my hair literally every night but I do moisturize it. What do you use to cover your hair if and when you’ve not twisted?

  5. Lushgirl Mantanga says:

    Wow….thank you my fav ladies???I love my shrinkage plus it easier to maintain it and u dont get delayed in the morning because of hair???

  6. Iviwe Arunachellan says:

    How do you get past a certain length. My hair has grown to about my bra strap but I’ve noticed it’s taking longer to grow out of it. Any tips? I’m not a fan of protective styles, my hair is usually just in a bun

  7. Precious Mogale says:

    Thank you so much ladies.I will use more water on my hair.My hair dry up very quickly thou..I have low porosity hair

  8. Thembi Mogala says:

    Your hair tips are commendable. I’ve learned so much about taking care of my hair. Every time I start touching my hair to wash it, to moisturize it I think of you ladies. I get encouraged and determined to get it right for my crown. Much love to both of you.

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