“We’re not selling hair products – we sell self-love” – Taryn Gill

The Perfect Hair Co experience is something I have been looking forward to since watching Taryn Gill reach for the dream on Shark Tank South Africa (which aired on Mnet, 23 October 2016). I guess you could I say I am a latecomer to the natural hair movement because I had only become aware of The Perfect Hair Co earlier in that same month when I was desperately searching for products for my parched hair. That’s why as my husband and I watched the TV show, and I saw the logo of the next entrepreneur pitching for the investors support, my system flooded with excitement. I instantly recognised the face of the company’s founder, Taryn Gill and I spent the rest of the episode on the edge of my seat as I witnessed Taryn’s graceful leap into the beginning of her leap into success.Taryn would not compromise her vision that brought her to the Shark Tank SA studios – creating an experience for the natural haired woman. Which, I imagined, she understood the importance of because many of us natural girls have felt like their hair is unmanageable at the hands of hair stylists who are not well versed in the language of natural hair. She stood her ground and convinced Romeo Khumalo to invest R400 000 in the expansion of her business.

It is this excitable interest that led me to the launch of The Perfect Hair Co in Parktown on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in November and immediately I felt the comfort of being where my natural hair is acknowledged as wonderful and acceptable. The store is delightfully designed and the yellow and black theme from the company’s logo runs throughout. The store front opens out to a garden, which had tables, chairs and edibles laid out for the occasion. I am directed to the yummy spread of hair products which is accompanied with a recommendation that The Perfect Kinky/Coily range will work best with my crown.

Downstairs is where the self-love is sold in charming recyclable glass jars and upstairs is where self-love is taught in the intimate hair studio, with only four booths for hair, two sinks and a nail tech station. There is a patio that looks down onto the gathering of Taryn’s supporters and you just feel the power of Taryn’s dream and hard work unfolding. The stylists are busy but not too busy to smile and chat for second with my curious self.

I am introduced to Taryn Gill by Joan, of the natural hair blog Jems of a Natural, and Taryn is immediately ready to give me an unscheduled moment of her time to thank me for coming and to entertain my ramblings about how delighted I am to meet her and have been inspired by her journey since seeing her on Shark Tank SA. She then invites NaturalHair.co.za to come back when she is not hosting her lovely guests to chat a bit more about natural hair, the movement, the industry and the way forward. Catch our chat below:

Oliver Claasen

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