Hi ladies. I have seen so many ladies with completely knotted hair or dead ends and I had the same issue until I started properly treating my hair, especially after braids/cornrows and weaves. After doing this for about 6 months, I realized that my curl pattern even changed showing that my hair was healthier than ever before. I now think that after moisturizing, detangling and consistent treatments are the most important for your natural hair. I hope this helps. Lots of love. ❤️

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  1. Kgothatso Moerane says:

    C-is for cream.
    I miss my afro. 3 more weeks till these braids come out ?. This was satisfying to watch, can’t wait!

  2. Nokukhanya Nkabinde says:

    Wow! Your hair is perfection Sino…I suffer from so much dryness and the split ends are horrible (just had them cut 2 weeks ago), I can’t seem to keep my hair moisturized for a long period. I treat my hair once a month and wash weekly, I have even stopped using shampoo on my hair because it’s so dry.

  3. kgolagano moumakoe says:

    By coincidence this video notification popped up while I was taking my plaits out! I tried it and I loved it.

  4. Masivuye Sidinana says:

    Perfect timing! I’d just undone my cornrows when I saw this and it helped A LOT. I had no idea you had to detangle BEFORE washing, saw this at the Masterclass and the Ruutos ladies explained it and witnessing the results on your hair is testimony to the importance of home hair care. I love the moisture vs protein treatment info (think I saw this on the LOVEKINKS Insta page), all very new to me and I think my hair suffers from too much protein so I’ll be alternating these in future and see the difference.

    Thank you for sharing, helping, inspiring and for changing the narrative!

  5. Ellah zeah says:

    Great video. You should checkout @youtubeza_digitalz on instagram , I haven’t seen you featured unless I’ve missed it. But they doing a great job

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