All hair is different and a key to having strong manageable hair is finding the correct routine for moisturising your hair. Moisturising is a three step process that is done to lock in moisture into the hair shaft.

1. Liquid- hair must be wet with preferably water, but alternatively a leave in conditioner if your hair requires extra moisture.

2. Oil- helps hold the water molecules in the hair. The best oils for this process are natural oils that have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and bind with the hair internal structure or protein. These oils are coconut, olive, and avocado oil.

3. Cream-  The purpose of the cream component is to seal or lock in moisture from the Liquid and Oil. Butters work best in this step depending on the needs of your hair. For hair that doesn’t tolerate heavy butters;  the best coating oils are Castor, Grapeseed, and Jojoba because they act as sealants. that fill in gaps along the hair cuticle to prevent moisture loss.

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