Protecting your hair from breakage is the key to growing long healthy hair and must be done at all stages of your hair care routine.

1. Detangling – While washing, detangling with a wide tooth comb or your fingers will reduce the amount of breakage. 

2. Sleeping – friction caused by pillow cases causes your hair break, while the cotton absorbs the moisture and oils which can cause it to become dry- resulting in breakage. Sleeping with a satin pillow case or bonnet will significantly reduce this. 

3. Heat Protectants -are able to reduce the amount of damage caused from heat such such blow dryers and heating irons. Using a heat protectant acts like a barrier from the intense heat.

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  • The Perfect Heat Protectant (100ml)


    The Perfect Heat Protectant A pre-heat styling serum Product Benefits: Leaves hair with a smooth finish. Helps to protects hair against heat damage from blow driers and flat irons. Helps to prevents hair breakage and brittleness due to heat damage. Adds a glossy shine Prevents frizz Contains amino acids (Cashmere) that heals damaged hair and split ends. Makes hair softer with a smoother feel Detangles hair Silicone Free, Petrochemical Oil Free, Paraben Free Contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 Protects hair from UV damage Colour Protection actives.