Its September,  the month in which we celebrate our heritage here in South Africa and so, I decided to post a few product reviews focusing on local hair care brands. Its so exciting to see the number of local hair care brands and local hair care products continue to increase (just think back to a few years ago when we really struggled to find suitable hair care). It also exciting to see the number of new and innovative products being produced – for example, trust me when I say it is rare that I have ever come across two shea butter blends that smell the same or even feel the same. One of those innovative brands is Keramour Naturals. This brand is founded by an amazing woman, Keabetswe Mokwena and you can read more about her HERE. I was lovingly gifted the Keramour Naturals Shea & Avocado Butter Moisturizing Cream as well as their Shea & Burdock Conditioning mist with Panthenol and Wheat Protein to review. 
There are two products available at the moment and each product comes in 3 different scents: Mandarin Blossom, Raspberry & Vanilla Swirl and Morning Dewberry. I could not decide on which scent would be a favorite as they are all just amazing, (in my view, as you know scent is a very personal thing and we are all different) I think I used and leaned towards the Raspberry & Vanilla Swirl the most. 
 Above: The Keramour Naturals Shea & Avocado Butter Moisturizing Creams

The Shea and Avocado Butter Moisturizing Cream

Priced at R119.99 (as at 5 September 2017). You know how we still sometimes find it difficult to find hair creams, especially when just starting out on a natural hair journey and trying to follow the L.O.C or L.C.O method of retaining moisture in the hair. There are loads of hair butters but few local hair creams in the market. This Shea and Avocado Butter Moisturing CREAM is a light to medium cream with one of the key ingredients as Cetearyl Alcohol which ranks as one of the first 5 ingredients. Cetearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol (not rubbing alcohol which can dry out the hair) and works as a thickener, emulsifier, emollient and carrying agent and is used in NUMEROUS skin and hair products worldwide. Cetearyl Alcohol is made from a mix of vegetable, coconut fatty alcohol and/or synthetics sources and is certified for use by many authorities. I went ahead and triple checked in one of my go to books for all things hair – the Science of Black Hair – and cetearyl alcohol is listed as an ingredient to look out for in moisturizing products or products that promise moisture.
The Hair Loved – first and foremost, the scent. It is not an overpowering scent but one that is just ideal for Spring and Summer and all seasons (o: This moisturizing cream does indeed moisturize the hair. Joburg is very dry but the hair held up.  It does not weigh down the hair and does give some shine. It does work with the mist to give slight hold and definition to wash n go curls although not totally free of frizz. I did use this cream for a Flexi Rod Set and it also kept for up to day 3, well most of the top and center parts of the hair. 
The Hair Could do with More or Less of – nothing to say here.
The Hair Did Not Take Well To – nothing to say here

The Shea and Burdock Conditioning Mist With Panthenol and Wheat Protein

Priced at R119.99 (as at 5 September 2017).This is a lightweight leave-in conditioner. One can also use it as a moisturizing spray to put moisture back into the hair as well as a simple hair mist every other day or every second or third day. I even used a little as a hair fragrance just to smell nice. One of the key ingredients is Burdock which assists in hair growth, nourishes the scalp and in turn helps strengthen hair. This conditioning mist is also super packed with other lovely ingredients that help sooth the scalp and soften the hair. Surprisingly, my hair does not necessarily like blended aloe vera juice which this product has as a second ingredient BUT my hair didn’t complain. I did not use it much on my scalp as I tend to let my scalp be and not put much on it, but I will do so and update this post later. A little goes a long way, put too much and you will feel it especially if it’s like day 5/6 in between washes.
The Hair Loved – first and foremost, the scent. I cannot say it enough – love the refreshing, sometimes fruity, sometimes floral scents/fragrance. Not overpowering and it does last as you can smell it when you put your hair close to your nose. I did notice that this mist helped with detangling. I did try applying the mist to dry hair and it immediately helped smooth, detangle, and moisturize the hair. I also liked that the product easily washes out. I did a midweek water drench and followed this with the mist and then the cream and my curls were still soft and bouncy and a little defined as it did not build up or weigh down or cling to the hair even though I did not totally wash it out.
The Hair Could do with More or Less of – nothing to say here.
The Hair Did Not Take Well To – nothing much to say here say except just remember that a little goes a long way and try not to use too much at any one time and too often in-between washes although the cream helps balance things out.

Overall would I buy these products – yes. they work well together and work well with other butters and oils especially if you end with the oil/butter. The packaging is simple and user friendly and labeling is clear and easy to read and understand. I love that the products are for both hair and scalp. 

You can purchase these products online at

As always, listen to your hair and go ahead and try something new. 
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