Six weeks ago I received these gorgeous products courtesy of Kimberly Grace Professional as a part of their trial and review group. As a natural I’m always on the lookout for local products and to be honest, with the many products that are popping up in the market I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of Kimberly Grace Professional before as I usually try to keep up to date but I’m glad I got the chance to be considered to try out their products.

If, like me, you haven’t heard of Kimberly Grace Professional before my mention of them, here are a few quick details that are worth mentioning about their products:
They assist hair growth through the use of bioactive signal proteins which help stimulate the hair follicles,

They don’t contain bad ingredients, so no colourants, mineral oil, propylene glycol, sulphates and triethanolamine, andAlthough their products are not completely natural, they are still packed with vitamins, omegas and proteins that help with healthy hair growth.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty part you’re probably waiting for. As a part of the trial process, I received all seven of the products which make up their entire range which I will now review in the order that I used them. Due to the fact that there were several products to review, making it too long to read in one sitting, I decided to split this review in two parts.
Growth Shampoo (R135):

The wording on this shampoo bottle mentions that it contains growth accelerating ingredients and that it is a root decongestant.I heart: I loved the fact that the shampoo cleansed my hair without stripping it of moisture and left it feeling soft afterwards, plus it has a lovely smell that is not overwhelming.I couldn’t get used to: The low lather! Look, this was expected as there are no sulphates, but my hair – or maybe I couldn’t get used to it due to the fact that I fall into that large margin of people who need to see some lather action in order to be convinced that the hair is in fact clean. However, if this doesn’t bother you then this shampoo might just be for you.
Replenishing Growth Conditioner (R150):

I really feel conditioners set the tone for the overall feel of your hair during and after the wash process. Like the shampoo, this conditioner also has growth accelerating ingredients. This one is targeted specifically for dry and/or chemically processed hair.I heart: I loved how nourished and luscious my hair felt after every use. I found it’s also great for detangling as it has just the right amount of slip.I couldn’t get used to: The small 200ml bottle. I have a small head with a lot of hair that cannot go without conditioning and I felt I had to use less in order to make it last longer. It may go a lot further for shorter hair.
Transitions (R235):

This has to be my second favourite product in the entire range. Although it is catered for transitioning naturals, this product does a perfect job as a deep conditioning treatment for fully natural hair as well. The great thing about this product is that it assists in strengthening the hair and reducing breakage.I heart: Firstly, let me start with that heavenly herbal-like scent that I couldn’t get enough of…is there any possible way I can swim in this stuff? The second thing I loved is the consistency, much like that of mayonnaise. As a result of the thickness even a little goes a long way and it still does a wonderful job.I couldn’t get used to: Honestly? Nothing. I really feel this particular product is superb and was well-thought out.
Turnaround Conditioning Spray:

Aside from the conditioning treatments, I believe leave-in conditioners are the first point in assisting the maintenance of moisture in the hair after washing. Personally, I used this as the “L” in my LOC method. This particular conditioner supposedly brings elasticity and vitality to thirsty hair and transforms dry, frizzy hair, however I couldn’t help feeling a tad disappointed and here’s why.I heart: My hair gets frizzy more often than not and one thing the Turnaround Conditioning Spray did live up to was its anti-frizz promise…and that, I loved.I couldn’t get used to: *sigh* The dryness. So here’s the thing, going in I already knew my hair doesn’t fare well with leave-in sprays as I’ve tried them before (i.e. Motions Nourish Leave-in Conditioner). Due to its inherently dry nature, my hair prefers creamy leave-in conditioners. The first week my hair was okay, not as soft as I’m used to but still soft, however using it again in my second week left my hair super dry and I had to stop using it and replace it with my usual Dr. Miracle’s Leave-in Conditioner which helped bring back more of the softness I’m used to. I wouldn’t suggest the Turnaround Conditioning Spray if your hair already is brittle and suffers from dryness, however, also bear in mind that just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. It is still worth a try to see if it works on your hair.
Don’t forget to look out for part 2 next week!


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