Last week I posted part one of my Kimberly Grace Professional product review on the blog. I did this in part because the original copy I wrote was far too long and would only frustrate those of you who don’t have much of a love for reading. So to keep it almost as long as my usual blog posts, I decided it would be best to split the review in two parts. If you haven’t yet read the post and would like to recap on which products I reviewed, you can do so here. Alrighty, now that we have that out of the way, let’s proceed with the rest of the review.

Oils of Origin:

This, right here, is my favourite product in this range. Packed with argan oil, marula oil, baobab oil and avocado oil, this product is amazing when it comes to hair growth oils in the market. Not just for hair, it can also be used on the body as well. I used it as the “O” in my LOC method and found myself pleasantly surprised.
I heart: I absolutely loved that it really did live up to its promise of being fast-absorbing – both when massaged into the scalp and the hair. It didn’t weigh my hair down at all and assisted in softening my hair. And that beautiful smell…!
I couldn’t get used to: It does contain not one, but two silicones, one of them being the second ingredient, so if that’s something you steer clear of completely, this might not be the product for you. Other than that, my hair didn’t have any issues with this product.
Total Root Recovery (R180):

The Total Root Recovery is a 4-week hair and scalp treatment that helps prevent hair thinning and breakage due to the fact that it contains keratin (protein), vitamins, omegas and natural oils like coconut oil, wheat germ oil and jojoba oil.
I heart: I loved how light it was as well as its smell, I noticed that it was soothing to the scalp and assisted with any itching I had so it held up to its anti-itch promise.
I couldn’t get used to: Although the product mentions that it doesn’t leave an oily residue, I did notice some residue at the roots of my if I happened to get any of the product on my hair which I didn’t like.
Maximum Growth (R160):

This serum assists with receding hair lines and bald patches, the packaging mentions that it is a highly concentrated intense growth accelerator.
I heart: Like the previous product, I also loved how light it was to the touch and the fact that it didn’t leave any residue.
I couldn’t get used to: I didn’t have any issues with this product. Personally, I don’t have any issues with my hairline or bald patches so I didn’t notice any remarkable difference in my edges and felt that perhaps this particular product might be better appreciated by someone who actually does have a problem with the above-stated issues.
Overall look and feel of fro:
My hair felt soft using Kimberly Grace Professional products, however not as soft as it does when I use my usual Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner combo. I noticed there was less frizz than usual with my flat twist outs, twist outs and bantu knot outs which are my go-to styles, however after week two I did not really like how my styles turned out – they didn’t have as much hold/definition as I wanted, but then again these aren’t styling products.
All in all, I really think their products are worth a try, particularly the Growth Shampoo, Replenishing Growth Conditioner, Transitions (I know it’s quite pricey especially if you’re like me and not about the life of spending more than R100 on a product, but I do think it’s worth it if you are transitioning or suffer from dry brittle hair and can be used as a treatment to strengthen the hair) and Oils of Origin. Their products are great if you’re not about overwhelming smells as well. If you would like to purchase their products and give them a try you can do so here, they deliver countrywide. Please bear in mind that Oils of Origin and the Turnaround Conditioning Spray are new products and will be available for purchase on their website soon.


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