Kimberly Grace Oils of Origin


An ultra-nutritious complex that combines the natural, restorative powers of Argan Oil, Marula Oil, Baobab Oil and Avocado Oil. Hydrating and nourishing at the deepest levels for renewed vitality; softening; anti-breakage; protection from heat and UV; and seals hair cuticles for a silky, smooth finish.

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Promotes scalp health and hair suppleness, strength, vitality and new growth. It also smooths fly-aways and split ends making hair look and feel beautiful. Lightweight, fast-absorption and naturally fragranced.

Argan Oil: A natural moisturiser and conditioner. Rich in antioxidants, which protects hair from environmental damage and is also beneficial for scalp irritation. Because it smooths hair cuticles and tames frizz, it makes a great styling product too.
Marula Oil: Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, Marula is a multipurpose oil that can boost cellular activity, protect against environmental toxins, and support the health of hair. It is rich in Omega 9 and Omega 6 that deeply hydrate while improving elasticity. Marula Oil also helps reduce moisture loss.
Baobab Oil: Helps with hair regeneration. Contains antioxidant that protects hair from environmental damage. The unique profile for this oil improves elasticity and suppleness, while the also forming a protective film on the surface that adds shine, decreases tangling, and helps to seal in moisture. This special combination of properties is especially beneficial for fragile or damaged hair, and for hair exposed to heat.
Avocado Oil: A monounsaturated oil which penetrates the cortex of the hair strand for extra moisturisation and elasticity, and melts into the epidermis of the scalp without leaving any greasy residue. A great natural detangler.


Can be used on damp and/or on dry hair
Using a light touch, distribute evenly over the whole hair shaft, or as needed.
Can be massaged into scalp to promote healthy scalps and new growth
(Can be used on the body too).


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