Kimberly Grace Total Root Recovery

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This fabulous hair, scalp and root all-rounder helps to prevent hair loss and breakage, and accelerates growth. It also provides deep nourishment with a big dose of vitamins, omegas, proteins and 7 gorgeous natural oils. It is anti-itch and it can also be used to soothe irritated scalps.

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A fabulous hair and scalp all-rounder thatโ€™s packed with vitamins, keratin, omegas and natural oils, and uses a unique delivery system to ensure maximum absorption of key ingredients. It leaves no oily residue on your pillow, and we love its fresh fragrance. This product can be used before and directly after chemical treatments to help alleviate scalp irritation. Also an excellent soothing treatment for upset scalps.


Squeeze onto fingertips and massage firmly into the scalp.
Use daily. Best applied before bedtime when scalp is more relaxed.
See results after 3 to 4 weeks.
Can then be used ongoing to maintain optimal scalp and hair health.


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