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Mini twists for winter

We know the signs all too well. Chilled dew on every blade of grass in the morning, stiff fingers when we go outside, sunshine that doesn’t seem to warm us beyond our skin. Clearly, Winter is almost here and most naturals know that it’s a time to begin taking measures to protect our hair from the cold. That’s why I came up with a simple 90 day challenge to keep my hair happy and healthy. I will share my winter regimen and some other handy tips that will benefit hair health and also promote growth during winter. Care to join me?

What you need (This will last you 90 days):

A Simple Winter Regimen

I’m the kind of natural who likes to keep things simple, using only necessary products and simple styles. Using a 4 step regimen, I will outline a 2 week cycle of the 90 day challenge which I repeat until the end of the 3 months.


Step 1: Cleanse

This step is simply cleaning the hair and getting rid of any product and/or dirt build-up that may have accumulated since the last wash. Wash hair with African Black Soap shampoo which has conditioning properties and cleanses thoroughly, lifting build-up and grime. Plus it contains amazing peppermint that stimulates your hair follicles and promotes growth.

Step 2: Deep Treatments

The first deep treatment is Deep Conditioning. It is an extremely important step in ANY natural hair regimen. Deep conditioning restores moisture to our strands and provides them with much needed nutrients. I normally tend towards DIY treatments (recipe below) but you are welcome to try any store bought treatments. Be sure to look out for harmful ingredients. For this winter regimen, Deep Conditioning is done once every two weeks.

Second is the Protein treatment which should be done less often as too many applications will make our hair dry and brittle and more prone to breakage. As the name suggests, the treatment restores the protein make-up of our hair, strengthening it and preventing (not curing) split ends. Once again I use a DIY treatment (Recipe Below) but there are some commercial protein treatments you can buy. This part of the regimen is done once every four weeks (once a month).

Step 3: Leave- in Conditioner and Sealing

Leave-in conditioner could possibly be the best thing since sliced bread. Apart from curbing the dreaded frizz, leave-in makes styling easier. You can apply leave-in in sections or using a method called shingling.

Sealing is an important step in any regimen and, in my experience, quite a few naturals do it incorrectly. I have had many ladies ask me why their hair is so dry when they put oil on it every other day or even everyday. The trick to sealing is adding oil or a butter to your damp, as opposed to dry, hair. The Rockin Naturals Hot Oil Treatment is a great sealant that contains parsley, tea tree oil, and olive oil which provide balancing, protective, and conditioning properties respectively. Sealing is NOT basing your scalp. Contrary to popular belief, basing the scalp clogs up the follicles and, in some cases, causes itchiness and dandruff. It also dries up the hair that is growing. Our scalps produce their own oil called sebum and basing could also negatively affect the production of sebum.

Step 4: Styling

Since this is a winter challenge, protective styling is definitely the order of the day. Protective styles are called such because they protect the ends, roots, and edges of your hair from weather and friction amongst others. Examples of protective styles are: buns, roll tuck and pins, mini-twists. One can also opt for protective styles using extensions, however, one needs to be careful they are not doing the opposite and actually damaging the hair. Certain styles that use extensions may be too heavy, too tight, or restrictive (certain styles cannot be washed for weeks on end).

winter hair
I can do them myself

You’re welcome to install any protective style of your choice every two weeks. I have decided mini-twists are for me because I can install them myself, they are simple to take down (giving a banging twist out), and they are low maintenance. In the mornings, a few spritzes with the Rockin Naturals Moisturising Mist, a little bit of Aloe Vera Gel, some Hot Oil Treatment to seal, and I’m good to go!

Don’t worry if some of these things are flying over your head, you are welcome to join the private, client exclusive, Rockin Naturals Support group on Facebook where I can personally answer any questions you may have about the challenge or anything else hair related.

Handy Tips

Track your progress

That is what the camera and the measuring tape are for. Measure your length before you begin and take a picture. You can also make observations about the changes in the overall health of your hair. Set some goals and see how close you are to achieving them. The Facebook Support group will help you work towards your goals.

Have a Holistic Approach

The health of our hair depends, to a great extent, our overall health. Eating right, exercising and drinking lots of water all contribute to healthy hair. It’s not just what you put on your head but also what you put in your body. For example, drinking enough water will allow your body to maintain a healthy amount of moisture in your hair and eating healthy proteins will strengthen your hair and prevent (not cure) split ends.

Two Simple DIY Recipes

Deep Conditioner

winter hair
Yoghurt and Honey

1 x 175g tub of natural or greek yoghurt

1 tablespoon Rockin Naturals Hot Oil Treatment

1 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

1.5 Teaspoons honey

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to wet (not dripping) hair for 20 minutes to an hour. Rinse thoroughly and follow with the rest of the steps in the regimen.

Protein Treatment

winter hair
Protein treatment

1 x 175g tub of natural or greek yoghurt

10 tablespoons Bragg’s Amino Acids (Health shops may recognise it if you ask for vegan soy sauce)

1 tablespoon molasses

Mix all the ingredients together and apply to wet (not dripping) hair for not more than 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and follow with a deep conditioning treatment immediately.

The winter challenge is a great way for your to keep your hair thriving through the harsh winter months so that you can rock a healthier, longer, and stronger head of hair for summer. You get exclusive one on one attention and you stand a chance to win a Rockin Naturals hamper. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the challenge below:


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