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Hey Gorgeouses

So many of you have asked me to show you how I flat twist my natural hair and how I get it flat and neat. My flat twists can last up to ten days without having to redo them.

This method works well for people with short, super kinky hair (like mine).

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!!!

Let me know what you want to see next on the How I Do Things Series!!!

Laters, Mwah!

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  1. heyfranny says:

    I love everything about how u delivered this tutorial. U’re a natural teacher. I only have 4months of hair growth (on my 3rd big chop) and I am here doing the hand placement on my head just to see if this would work for me. I am confident that I can flat twist this way. I got so frustrated in the past trying to learn how to flat twist n felt like I would just rather get it done by someone else. Don’t feel that way anyymore though. Thank you so much for sharing this. Also love the Background, music , and ur 1,2,3 snap shots

  2. ausafrikbabe says:

    It’s been a minute since I have watched your channel , but I am loving the new cinematography of your videos sis! Are you editing these by yourself? Great tutorial, you make it seem so effortless ?

  3. Kemunto Bear says:

    i love this series Kopano ……i am so lazy doing my hair ..lately i have one problem with my hair i don’t know why but my hair frizzes and drys out while i use raw coconut oil or raw virgin olive oil …i am kind of a dilemma what moisturizer to use on my natural 4c hair …i am tired doing the dyi even raw shea butter is not helping ..i think i need professional help

  4. M Scratch says:


  5. Renee11123 says:

    The best method I’ve seen for short 4c hair. I will definitely be doing this, it’s simple and easy to understand. Thank you so much!

  6. GigiCrownedInHerCurls says:

    I’ve been struggling to get my flat twists FLAT and neat for the longest time and this method and explanation is on point ??? I can’t wait to try it out ??♥️

  7. Deborah Noel says:

    I have watched an innumerable amount of videos trying to learn how to flat twist and this is the 1st and only way I’ve seen that I’ve been able to follow and successfully do flat twists!! Thank you so much!!

  8. PDT TV says:

    THAAAAAANK YOU. this was such a good tutorial, so thorough and specific and detailed and communicated in a way that is easy to understand! Thank you!

  9. Elizabeth Perdue says:

    B. E. S. T.
    E. V. E. R.
    Thank you. You saved my life. I hope you have a braiding video this detailed. 25 years on Earth with 4C afro and can’t braid still. I’m doing this style tonight!

  10. cristina lopes says:

    well done thanks for the tip, I also have tick 4c hair and its a struggle to do flat twists, usually, only do the front, will the the whole head next time. As love the look.

  11. Lily Raimey says:

    Would you be willing to shoot a separate flat twist tutorial on how to reverse the direction? Like, instead of twisting downward, twisting upward.

  12. anyimayeluv says:

    by far the easiest one to follow. Ive been trying to learn this for a while thanks for sharing. by the way if you get the chance can you show a tutorial for flat twisting from back to front thanks

  13. Nontobeko D says:

    Girl I love your vlogs they so well done like better than any I’ve ever watched. And it’s not just because we have similar hair types and that their so simple yet intricate.I love your energy and how you explain. I feel like you need to be dominating the industry. You made for this, Top Billing needs you. Keep up the amazing work you a STAR! ❤❤❤

  14. Mr Cali A.K.A backpack says:

    Your tutorial seemed very easy and I made my girlfriend watch it so she can twist mine for me because I really suck at it. Thanks

  15. Judah Burke says:

    This is the easiest flat twist tutorial I’ve seen so far…especially for such short hair as mine is!! AHHH! Thank You!!! I literally gave you a round of applause!! Thanks sis!! 😀 😀

  16. Butterfly Chic says:

    This was the best flat twist tutorial I’ve ever seen! You just gave me the courage to attempt to flat twist my own hair!! I’ve been so intimidated until now! Thank you for doing this video!

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