Hi curlies!
Learning to get to know your hair is a long process. This is why it’s called a Natural Hair Journey. 

Quick side note: After using a certain product for a while, your hair gets used to it, causing your hair to not react to it the same way. I suggest clarifying your hair. If clarifying doesn’t work then try something new. Doesn’t mean go out and be a product junkie again! Just buy something to replace the product that’s not working for you anymore and test it out.

Catch these tips, my wash days and more on my hair page. As a recovering product junkie, I know the struggle-  but if your constantly using different products on your hair you’ll never know what’s working and what’s not working. 

So, that’s my quick side notes for you today… Remember keep it simple and know that you are beautiful inside and out!

Until next time- 
Stay Natural   Stay Magical
Xo Xo – Marlene Louw

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