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  1. Nthabiseng Maake says:

    background music is so distracting. loved this video.
    haha im on my 3rd edge control, i dont even know what to use anymore

  2. sinazo mangxola says:

    Beautiful end results. Your skin is flames, I swore that was all natural until you mentioned you have a bit of foundation on. Still looks amazing though. Back ground music can be distracting and sometimes so loud that we can’t hear the person. But maybe try it out and see if it works.


  3. jay99754 says:

    Was actually thinking the same thing when i watched your last video regarding background music. I think def yes, but very low volume. looking forward to many hairstyles!

  4. Nosipho Nothile Mdunge says:

    Ohhh Myyy GOSH…NAWO LAMA EARRINGS Sinoh I have been Crushing On those earrings? from your IG…Mahle and You Look Absolutely stunning?❤

  5. Pulane Lepshe says:

    Hi Sino, not bad for your first time. Try applying the gel in sections next time to properly lay your hair and avoid the bumps.

  6. Natural Raw Essence says:

    LOL! You’re so funny! I”m terrible with parts! LOL! I don’t like when the music gets real loud in the middle videos either. Sometimes, I watch them late at night and then the volume goes so high that I feel it will wake everybody up! So irritating!

  7. Makhadzi Tshiswaise says:

    Wanna try this out?. You can also use the Afro Twist Braid hairpiece for the ponytail its more affordable. Its costs like..R80 – R90?

  8. lesego molabe says:

    Can you please tell us the name of the products you are using, where you got them and a rough estimate of the price. You literally just flash your products for a second, we cannot see what you are using.

  9. Yolanda Ngumbela says:

    Just a few questions that popped in my head while watching the video…
    Your hair looks black now did you dye it again or did it grow out?
    Do you wash your hair brush?
    Do you think not washing it has a ” negative ” ( for lack of a better word) effect on hair growth?
    How long have you had your ragga braid and how do you maintain it?
    When you say you used shampoo to wash your hair do you mean shampoo for natural hair or shampoo for all hair type?
    Ungafi wethu yimibuzo?

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