Hello hunies, here’s our take on the Au Naturalle range. Do enjoy!
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Moisture Replenishing Shampoo 250ml – R34.95
Knot out Conditioner 250ml – R34.95
Afro Moisturising Butter 250ml – R69.95
Plaiting Pudding Cream 250ml – R69.95

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE at Clicks and Dischem

MY UNBOXING of Au Naturale – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng0YglWUx2A

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Thank you so much for all your love and support.
I thoroughly hope you enjoyed the review and that you’ll head out and give the products a try.


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  1. Pabi's Diary says:

    Beautiful ladies! Thank you for the review, I haven’t seen the products in store yet but I am excited to try the platting pudding cream, I have heard great things about it so far.

  2. Bongi Gwala says:

    I’ve got dreads so I wonder how it will work with my hair but I’m definetely going to buy the products and test it out. thanks for the review ladies☺

  3. Naso Ngxenge says:

    love your sister’s faux locks. was going to ask where she had them done but i saw on your reply that she did them herself. they look professionally done ?

  4. Karol Cha'So says:

    you girls are beautiful,love your channel and the intro video in particular,here to support a fellow african youtuber,we got this :* new subbie.

  5. Sanelisiwe Singaphi says:

    Thanks for this…been looking for SA natural hair products Yay for Dark n Lovely! Y’all are beautiful. thanks again

  6. anne ndlela says:

    Hi Yolz.. Can you tell me where you sis get her Faux locs? Are they the Marley ones? How much were they? How many packets did she need? Where did she go to install them?

    So many questions??‍♀️.. Sorry

  7. Mogau Kekana says:

    Your sister is adorable! So cool and collected. Pleas feature her again,if she doesn’t mind. Thank you for this review

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