Hey hunies! I’ve been using this deep conditioner for a good 3 months now and my thoughts are finally in! *Enjoy!

I purchased this deep conditioner at Dischem for R60 and the conditioners were on special @R80 for 2. The Normal price is R55.

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  1. Mommy And Baby Approved says:

    That stuff is amazing and YES, it is made for our hair. I been using it since they launched in April now I interchange between the Ultimate Blends and Au Naturale. yes, do more reviews, I learn about natural hair stuff from you.. πŸ™‚

  2. Maxine Phoenix says:

    lol I really love this product!! And the tip regarding leaving it on overnight is amazing, it really moisturises and nourishes your hair like no other

    Great video hunny

  3. Doreen Chatukuta says:

    heey ? that somebody is me ??..i also love this deep conditioner for my hair,it does what it says it does and more..and the it smells delicious too.

  4. Tumisho Mothiba says:

    Hey, Yolz awesome awesome channel. I came across it today and I subscribed in a heart beat. Quick question: do you use any edge control products,if so what do you reccomend? I have braids in at the moment and I am struggling with keeping my edges laid. Please help me.

  5. pricilla Tshabangu says:

    i love, looove , loove this product. i tried as per your advice to put it on my hair on dry hair, i went to do my saterday things. then i came back home later washed it off and did my wash day routine. my hair was just amazing. loooove it.

  6. Malique Toussaint says:

    I used this product range because the colours matched the scheme in my bathroom?? but I do have to say I have no complains… also I’m a simple guy. If I like something, I stick to it.

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