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  1. Simone Kongolo Yav says:

    Hello how are you. You look lovely. Can you pls tell me where is tender loving hair. Thank you have a bless Sunday

  2. Phinny Mohulatsi says:

    I am over the moon, I am super excited. ย Thank you so much for sharing and I am ready to buy the whole line even though it is very expensive. ย Love your channel and love Shea Moisture.

  3. Leah Gordone says:

    Love this video! Just Subbed ๐Ÿ™‚ I did a video on Shea Moisture also i love some of their hair products!…The raw shea butter line is the BEST! My Top 5 Favorite Shea Moisture Products

  4. kimmy gial says:

    It would be lovely, if you could show us some of the products you use, on your hair, I have natural hair, and I always have it in braids, due to the fact that I’m so uneducated about the products available for us SA girls with natural hair, on here (youtube) its mostly natural girls from the US, most of the products they use are hard to find here in SA, or maybe not? I’m ready to rock my natural hair, I’m tired of braids. Your hair is lovely by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. buttrpecan9 says:

    Very creative with the bra strap and the style is cute! I’m going to purchase some Shea moisture products Sunday. I have 4c hair and the products I have used in the warmer months must be replaced with products packed full of moisture since the weather has changed. Tfs!

  6. LetsBe Beautiful says:

    When you said South africa I was like ‘that’s so cool’. I am all the way in The Bahamas watching someone in SA! Great vid

  7. Nothando Maumbi says:

    hey, my fro and Iย are a year and 5 months and I follow a couple of channels to help me out.. this is the first time I come across an African based channel andย better yet a South African based one.. because the products they suggest are not available in SA, following your growth timeline , I realised my hairย grows a bit slower. could you please recommend products to aid its growth. Will watch your videos in case you already provided that info in them

  8. Doriel Larrier says:

    fabulous!ย  I just left Durban and JoBurg and Gabarone and was shocked that I couldn’t find any products that I normally see on my shelves here in New York.ย  Where did you pick up your products?ย  Would really love to know and share…would love to connect on this –

  9. GABBY MTSHALI says:

    hey +MyFroandITVย i also have 4C can i get my hands on those products? i am new to the natural hair journey, loving it so far

  10. Talitha Cumi says:

    Hi Aisha! i recently purchased their coconut hibiscus curl & shine conditioner, my hair is def. thanking me for it. Where do you purchase aloe vera in SA? Ur hair is amazing

  11. Kimberley Hendricks says:

    hi! where did you find shea moisture in South Africa? I can’t find it in any shops , did you purchase it online?

  12. sds420ss says:

    I keep aloe plants around. It’s the best moisturizer. Also, can be ingested to help with swelling and inflammation in the body.

  13. Tamara Makhateng says:

    Heya, Do you know where I could get this product in SA? I tried the Tender Loving Hair site and it cannot be reached. Thanks!

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