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  1. liseg89 says:

    You should dilute the JBCO with other oils to break down the thickness. Its thick for my 4c hair on its own as well..u can also try it in a DC or as a spritz!

  2. liseg89 says:

    Also I’ve been told that because JBCO is super thick, it’s a great sealant oil for dry hair. It traps in the moisture very well because do the thickness.

    I’m typing this while the Shea moisture deep treatment masque is sitting in my hair! Lol! My hair doesn’t love love LOVE it but it’s all I have on hand right now

  3. Phinny Mohulatsi says:

    Hi Aisha, we missed you. I bought the Yucca and Baobab Shea moisture product line from tender loving hair. Personally I think the products work like any other products, there was nothing wow about them. However I did enjoy the volumizing growth milk as a leaving conditioner. I am going to buy the purification masque deep conditioner, hope it will not disappoint. The products are very expensive, I have decided to buy them as a treat because my hair has been thriving without them. I also use the JBCO as a pre poo . Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  4. pearlsamb82 says:

    I rarely use my JBCO either…. perhaps when I get to a length to seal chunky twists, it may be good for this. I love that mist and the Deep treatment masque! But from reading others’ reviews, instead of using the masque as a DC ( I wasn’t feeling it that way either), I use it as a leave in moisturizer, especially when I am re-setting twists for a twistout. Great definition but also soft moisturized hair:) Try the mist and masque this way, and I believe you’ll love both!   

  5. Jamillia Domani says:

    I felt the same way about the deep treatment masque. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong because other people would rave about that product and I just didn’t see what was so great about it.

  6. K Morgan says:

    HELLOOOO!!!! You and your hair are gorgeous in my opinion. I LOVE your 30d/30updos videos!! They give me a lot of style ideas!! Some of them I “tweek” just a little others are PERFECT!! Thank you so much!!

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