Hello hunies! Mihlali and I had a blast chatting all things WIGGING, how to and some tips! We did a Natural Hair video on Mihlali’s channel, do check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUHFm7gBNg0
Mihlali’s wig care tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdZvyVwmsbo

I hope you all enjoyed this video, post any questions in the comment section if you have any. And do Like & Subscribe!

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– Yolz

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    love you both….Mihlali should do your make up Yolz. Try something different and extra like an insta-baddie look.

  2. Naledi Mallela says:

    WIGS ARE life!!! I also tend to be quite lazy when it comes to wearing a wig cap… 🙁 Wigs are so easy! So convenient!
    Paying attention to where you buy your hair is SO important! YES!!! 🙂

    Loved this!


  3. Tumisho Mothiba says:

    my 2 favourite youtubers, love you guys. I have been considering joining the wig life but I think I will wait till I can afford them cause this student life wont let me flourish.

  4. Refilwe Mmekwe says:

    This really helped me coz i did not know where to start with wigs and i been braiding my hair only since i started natural. And i’ve been afraid to slay wig. Thank you lovies

  5. Katlego Tlhapane says:

    Hey Yolz :). Please link the instagram page for the lady who does Mihlali’s wigs as you promised in the video :). thank you.

  6. Thandisile C says:

    Mihlali brought me here. Just subscribed. Love your channel already Yoliswa. You’re so pretty? noticed how intently you listened when Mihlali was explaining her wig process?

  7. Precious B says:

    Hi Yolz and Mihlali, I just chopped off my hair a week ago after a year of transitioning. I have a wig on now my hair is itching none stop I don’t know what to do or use to stop the itching even when I take off my wig it still itching.

  8. Mihlali says:

    how do you secure your wigs, do you use clips or wig combs. Which option is best yet still gentle on your natural hair? + hope you guys make a part 2!!!

  9. LL says:

    Hi beautiful ladies. Love your channel! Just a small suggestion, not to be negative at all….I just think maybe you could experiment more with concealing the front of the Lace Wig a bit. Recently, I’ve noticed ladies actually touching up that lace edge with a dark color pencil or powder. It seems to blend or disappear into the hair at the front.
    Other Youtubers part their own hair underneath and bring the concealer/powder out from the part in the wig to blend out into their part. Okay that probably sounds confusing : ( Hopefully not too much. Blessings Keep Up the Great Channel.

  10. Melanin Blac says:

    I am a new subscriber, and I am loving this channel cause it from SA and I am too. I just subscribed yesterday.

    Great Collab.

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